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Thursday, May 22, 2014

So my Moab pictures have been sitting on my computer for almost a month now, and I just can't seem to force myself to edit them. I tried today, but no matter what I did, I just wasn't satisfied. I just recently learned how to use Lightroom, and I am still trying to figure out everything. Before I used to edit them on my phone, but now I am trying to legit edit them. It's a mess haha

I got one photo I liked, so I will share that with you! I guess one is better than nothing!
I feel like this is too short of a post, so I guess I will add some random things that have been happening. I am currently sitting in my grandparents living room listening to two demolition guys talking. I can't really tell if they are yelling at each other, or if that is just how they normally talk. A couple days ago I came over to my grandparent's house to print some homework, to find the downstairs bathroom and hallway flooded. So that has been fun. My dad and I spent that day ripping up soaked carpet, and vacuuming up water until the insurance adjuster could come over the next day. Oh, did I mention that my grandparents are out of town? Yeah, so it's been an interesting week.

On a lighter note, Zachary found a new little house to move into. Like seriously you guys, I can't even handle this place. It is the cutest little tiny house tucked into the back corner of a larger house. The landlords are hysterical, and so nice. Also, he is now going to be a six minute car ride from my house instead of a whopping 30. Like you don't even understand how happy I am! Bringing on this weekend and the moving van (aka my dad's truck)!

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