Friday, March 18, 2016

So I wrote this blog posts like weeks ago, and what I wrote is not completely irrelevant. The only thing that still stands true is that I wish I had the motivation to continually document our life with this blog. It literally is just pure laziness. I miss writing random crap, and posting photos. It is just a matter of actually taking the time which usually seems to escape me. Seriously, Netflix needs to go. Haha I want to say that I will be better at posting, but we all know that is every bloggers promise. So I will just continue to post sporadically.

First, I will share some crappy iphone photos of what I have been up to lately, because I haven't used any of my "real" cameras in about five thousand years. Oops. So sorry for the crappy quality photos, but also not sorry.

So I am training Atticus to be a hiking cat. Yeah, I am one of THOSE cat people. We are currently trying to get used to the new harness I got him. It is a little bigger than the one in this picture, but it will be WAY harder to wiggle out of if he decides to freak out on the trail. He really loves being outside, but just has a hard time adjusting to having something on his back. I'm hoping to have him nice and comfortable by summer. Sooner would be even more fantastic!
So at the beginning of January a blogger/instagram/penpal friend moved to San Francisco, and I immediately bought a plane ticket to go visit her. It was our first time ever meeting in real life, but whatever! Haha San Francisco has always been on of my favorite spots, but instead of exploring the city we explored more of what the San Francisco nature side of things had to offer. It seriously was just the most perfect weekend getaway filled with nature, coffee, a new found love of dates (the fruit), and GOOD food.
A little greenhouse tucked behind a very overpriced vintage shop.
I have had this lighthouse on my places to see list for the longest time, and I am sooo happy I finally got to go! Point Reyes Lighthouse
But I didn't know that I had to walk down (and then back up) 308 stairs to get there....
This was the walk to the elephant seal lookout in Point Reyes National Seashore. I kind of have an obsession with these seals. I could literally watch them all day. It was so cool to talk to the volunteers up there about them. How cool of a job is that?!

I feel a little sad that these are all the photos I have to share for like the past few months! Oh well. I think we all know now that I go through phases.

Zac and I have been married now for six months, and that just feels surreal! Like seriously, where has the time gone?! Graduation from freaking COLLEGE is just around the corner, and that is what I am currently freaking out about. I was just going to let it pass without giving it a second thought, but all my Child Life people convinced me to walk. So now that is happening. I am sort of glad though. It actually seems real now. Oh I am so ready for it.

Costa Rica Film

Saturday, January 30, 2016

I feel like it has been five billion years since I have posted my own photos on here. Truthfully, I have missed it terribly.

I got a couple rolls of film developed this week that have been sitting on our bookshelf for well over a year. I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and drive down to my favorite local printing shop to get them developed (Replicolor anyone?). These are some photos from my Costa Rica trip I went on two summers ago with a few photos exploring downtown SLC thrown in the mix. I was so excited to get these back! I knew most were from Costa Rica, but I had completely forgotten about a little downtown adventure Zac and I went on FOREVER ago! We bought these Anywhere Travel Guide cards, and decided to explore our own city. We ended up trying some awesome new restaurants, and explored some places we probably never would have. To be honest I completely forgot that I had them. I will have to take them on our next city adventure together.

These photos got me really excited to start taking some photos again, and to maybe edit and post some photos I just haven't gotten around to yet. I have had a really it hard time finding what my "thing" is when it comes to photography. I feel like I have literally tried everything! But if I am being completely honest with myself it is the photos that I find on film where I see my true passion. I am all about candid, and I love capturing places, people, and things in their natural surroundings. That sounds so so so cheesy, but I don't know how else to explain it. I have tried to be so many things when it comes to being a "photographer". I get pulled into wanting to do what everyone around me is doing. I can't do the weddings, engagements, and family photos. That stuff doesn't make me happy. And realizing that makes me completely okay with photography just being my hobby. Sometimes you try so hard for so long to impress people with your "skills" in whatever it is that you are doing that you forget why you are actually doing it. I constantly putting my camera bag on the shelf for the fear of being inadequate. I want to put that mindset aside, and get back into taking photos purely because I love taking them.

Well that was a lot to say just to show you some really old photos!

 My awesome husband (then boyfriend or fiance, I can't really remember) posing in front of a cool brick wall just because I asked him too. Haha
 Obviously I didn't take this one. Photo cred to the husband. 
I know this photo is blurry, but for some reason I still love it.
 Seriously though, how green is this place?!

 I think it is definitely time to go back.


Sunday, December 27, 2015

I still can't look at these photos without having a constant smile on my face/ tears in my eyes. We chose to have a small ceremony in the woods, and it couldn't have been more perfect. This moment was the most special moment of my entire life, and I still just sit here in awe of how amazing it was. My mom is incredible, and she made the space we chose look magical. It seriously was so incredibly beautiful, and it was the most tender and perfect ceremony we could have asked for.

We each got each other a little pre-ceremony gift. I got Zac some Utah based whiskey with some ginger ale to share with his groomsmen before the ceremony. Apparently he didn't understand that, so the didn't do that. Haha so we just had all the ginger ale afterwards. 
Seriously, my mom is incredible. I still can't even believe this space. 
Zac and I made this back drop, and it took FOREVER! I am so happy with how it turned out. 
Zac 1000% won in getting the best gift. He had a ring holder made with our wedding date on it. I use it every single day, and it is my absolute favorite. 
Not a single normal photo of me walking to Zachary. Our ceremony was basically a blubber fest, and it started right off the bat. 

Yep, crying. The most perfect day. 

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