Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I got this post idea from the wonderful and lovely Kayla.  I thought it was such a fun way to get all the things going on in life currently down in one post! So here I am trying it out!

I went to Moab this weekend with Zac and my best friend Emily. Zac had to go down for a week of work, so Em and I decided to tag along for the weekend. It was so nice being someplace so warm, and just spending all day outside. It was a much needed mini adventure, and I already want to go back!

loving: being able to wear shorts! I don't know what is happening with Utah weather right now, but I am all about it. It has seriously been so nice outside, and I spend all the time I can sitting outside on the hammock enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

working: on getting through this current semester without completely going crazy. I only have 15 credits left until I graduate, and I am just so beyond ready to be done!

obsessed with: the new sheets I convinced Zac in letting me get for his (soon to be our) apartment. We recently made a quick stop at Ikea, and the sheets I have been eyeing for like a year now were on the most perfect bed looking so pretty, and I decided they finally had to be mine! They have yellow flowers on them, so obviously I am all sorts of happy!

cooking: lots of annie's mac and cheese. For some reason Smith's has decided to have like a super sale on them for like a month now, so Zac and I are all sorts of happy about it!

reading: Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler. I actually just finished this yesterday. I listened to the audio book in my car, and I have to be completely honest... I wasn't really a fan of it. I didn't hate it and at times actually enjoyed it, but it isn't a book I would recommend to a friend. I was pretty bummed, because I really wanted to like it! Oh well, you can't have everything.

listening to: Hozier's album. Zac bought it a couple of weeks ago, and I just barely downloaded it onto my phone to listen to while exploring Moab. Zac and I have family sharing on iTunes, and it is pretty wonderful. Thank  you family sharing!

a little sad at: Zac being in Moab for the entire week. I swear it is even harder knowing he is only a four hour car ride away! Like anytime I have ANY free time I think about just driving down just because I can. It is terrible you guys!

wasting time: on Instagram as always. I swear, I am always checking it! Mostly looking for new places to add to my list of places to explore. I probably need to stop seeing as the list is getting a little long. Anyone want to help me get cracking on all these hikes I have piled up?!

laughing at: Scrubs, Scrubs, and SCRUBS! Zac has gotten me hooked, and with him out of town (and our watching of Friends being put on hold until he gets home) I have been watching ALL OF THE EPISODES!

looking forward to: spending my REI dividend! New camping stove, and sports bras anyone?!

appreciating: best friends who take a break from homework to go search TJ Maxx for rompers even though all the ones they have are horrible, and instead having wonderful conversations on the car drive home.

excited: that the wedding date continues to get closer, and we are now down to 163 more days!! It finally feels like it is getting close you guys! Save-the-dates are currently being made, and it is like totally real now!

experiencing: horrible stomach shenanigans caused by dairy, and pretending that it isn't caused by dairy because cheesecake.

grateful for: a weekend spent with my best friend hiking around Moab, and Zac being able to sneak over and camp with us the one night we stayed. Also for my family (mostly mama) who took such good care of our plants and kitten while we were gone. I seriously have the most incredible humans in my life you guys.

Stewart Falls

Monday, March 23, 2015

I figured it was time to start documenting adventures once again. I sort of stopped after our San Francisco trip, and I am just now realizing how many travel photos I have stocked up. For the sake of your sanity, I am just going to start from the latest. No need to go through ALL the pictures. 

Life has been pretty wonderful lately. Zachary and I are currently laughing on the couch at our "under the influence" cat. It is the little things I tell you. Other than that I am just trying not to fail at school which at times is difficult seeing as my brain is daydreaming about trips to the beach and mountain adventures 96% of the time. My list of places to visit is growing rather long, and I am just so ready to start exploring. Zac and I have been really into hiking and camping at the moment, so I have all sorts of camping spots to try. We also got backpacks for Christmas, and are trying to find some cool places to go backpacking. If any of you have suggestions, pretty please share them!

Our latest hike was Stewart Falls. I knew going into this it was a popular one, but it really was so worth it. I am not always the biggest fan of crowded trails. One of the best parts of hiking is the peace and quiet you get from being away from the city, and that doesn't always happen on crowded trails where people are constantly blasting music through their iphone speakers. However, it wasn't really this trails season yet, so it was a lot less crowded that it usually would be I assume. It really was such a perfect hike, and easy enough for really anyone to enjoy. It is generally flat, but you still feel like you have accomplished something at the end since it is 4 miles out-and-back. 

One of my favorite parts of this trail were all the twisted aspens. I can't even imagine what this view looks like later in spring. I might have to go back just to check. That is the one thing I love about hiking. If you like a trail you can hike it a million times, and see a different scene every single time. Everything is always changing, and it always seems to get better with time. 
I don't know about you, but I am pretty sure any hike that ends with a waterfall is worth it. 
No I am going to complain for .02 seconds. My biggest pet peeve on the trail is how much GARBAGE people leave behind. Seriously you guys, it is ridiculous. It is not that hard to just pack your garbage in your backpack. Zac and I have started to collect garbage we see on the trail, and we have realized we now need to bring plastic garbage bags in order to even make a dent in it. So pretty please humans, pick up your trash. Because if you don't I end up doing this. 
What are some of your favorite waterfall hikes? What are you looking forward to most now that the weather is getting warmer? 

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