Saturday, August 27, 2016

So I actually already wrote this entire post, and then my computer decided it hated me and deleted it. So here goes round two. I miss doing a Currently post, and want to try to get back into the habit of doing them again! Also, Emmy from Emmy Coletti does a weekly happy list post that I love, and would like to start doing something similar!
If you follow me on Instagram you have seen that we are finally getting back out there and adventuring! Something about buying a house and moving to a different city seems to eat up ALL your time. It has felt so good going on hikes, and wandering around our new city.

WATCHING: There has been a whole lot of re watching over at our place. Zac and I decided to start Parks and Rec over (one of my all time favorites), and when Zac isn't here I am watching Criminal Minds. We did watch Stranger Things in like a day, and thought it was UNREAL. Like for real, all about the hype on that one!

PLAYING: Now that we actually live someplace that has room for my record player, we have been listening to more vinyl! There is the raddest used (and some new) record store here in Ogden called Lavender Vinyl, and we went and got some new records on a date night a couple of weeks ago.

DREAMING: Honestly, all I want to do is get on a plane and go somewhere! Not that things are finally slowing down with house renovations  I am feeling a major travel bug coming on!

EATING: But for real you guys, have you ever had those Belvita breakfast bisquit whatevers?! I got some from Costco yesterday, and it is taking ALL THE WILL POWER to not just constantly be eating them!

WORKING ON: Still some things here and there to do with the house, but other than that I am working on making more time for creative things. I am following a daily sketching prompt on Instagram that a girl I used to go to church with started, and also just trying to take more pictures. Moving kind of knocked the wind out of me, so I am trying to rebuild that creative habit back into my life.

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