Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some songs that make me happy...

Ghosts by The National Parks
Where the Lines Overlap by Paramore
That Time by Regina Spektor
Camera Talk by Local Natives
Leave by Glen Hansard
Below My Feet by Mumford and Sons
Bones by Strange Family

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Blogger Book Swap

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I was reading over at The Emerald Dove this morning, and was completely intrigued on her post about a recent book swap! The book swap was put on by the incredible Rosie of A Rosie Outlook. You can read all about it here! I thought that this would be such a fun thing to be a part of, and I think it is something that really brings the blogging community closer together. I just love stuff like this!

Unfortunately, the book swap is now over, so I thought I would put on one myself. Rosie's outline for the book swap was basically perfect, so I will basically be using the same one. Here are the rules..

If you want to swap, leave a comment telling me:

1. Your name
2. Your e-mail address
3. Your blog if you have one, so your partner can get to know you!
4. If you have a specific genre you mainly read, then list that too.  If you're happy to read anything then leave this part out! And if there is any genre you really don't like, post that here so I can pass it onto your swapper!

If you list something in number 4 I'll try and match you with someone with the same interests but no promises!

After I match everyone up with a swapper you will then spend a couple of weeks exploring your local thrift shops, second-hand bookshops, garage sales sales, Amazon used - whatever - for two amazing books that you love. They must be good, clean copies - they don't have to be brand new but they have to be in what would call 'very good condition'. You then send both copies out to your allotted swapee, maybe with a little treat for them to enjoy their books with ;) (Feel free to send more books if you like but two is what you can expect from your partner).

Obviously if you enjoy your partners choices you can continue to keep swapping with each other, but this will just be a one time thing if you do not desire to do that!

You need to leave your comments by Monday, December 30th to be involved. After I collect everyone's information, I will email people their matches by Monday, January 6th. To keep things going, you guys will have until January 31st to get your books out to your fellow swapper. Deal?!

Also, it can be a book you already have, but it has to be a book you enjoyed so you can recommend it on to others.

I think that this will be really fun, inexpensive thing to do with everyone to get to know each other a little better. I sure hope some of you are interested!

Let the swapping begin wonderful ladies!

p.s- I just want to say again that this idea was take from the lovely Rosie. I take no credit whatsoever for coming up with this awesome idea. I just thought it would be a really fun thing to do, especially since her first book swap was only open to UK readers in order to keep mailing cost down. Thanks Rosie for an awesome idea!

*image via Pinterest

Zacventure: Spiral Jetty

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yes, I know it has been a while. Sorry 'bout it. It is December, so I think that is excuse enough. I'm just happy I showered this morning.

I told you in the last post (about two and a half weeks ago) that I only had one more set of pictures to show you from the fall. No, I haven't taken any other pictures since then. I am kind of upset about it. Luckily, my wonderful Zac got me all sorts of fun camera type things (new camera bag anyone?), so I am ready to get back out there!

This was one of my favorite adventures. I have been wanting to go see the spiral jetty for FOREVER!!! This was a surprise adventure, so I wasn't allowed to know where we were going until we got there. I think that is what made it all the more exciting. Gosh, it is pretty dang incredible, and it was such a beautiful day! You will see what I mean.
And of course, no adventure is complete without a couple of pictures of me acting like a crazy person. 
Alright, I guess this one is normal.

First off, do you guys see that sky?! Like seriously, it was unreal. It was basically the perfect day.
Second, I am pretty sure that foam was my favorite thing in all the land. There was so much of it!! I am pretty sure Zac has some pictures somewhere of me going all Godzilla on it. Yeah..

There you have it folks. I am FINALLY caught up on pictures! Hallelujah.

In my absence a few fun things have happened. Well, I guess mainly just one. I TURNED 21!!! Do you know what that means......


Excuse me while I die of happiness overload. It is about time!!

Other than finding all the concerts, I plan on spending the rest of this week getting ready for Christmas. So far this holiday season has been stellar, and I am so excited to have a little break to spend with my family. Thank goodness for Christmas break!

*images of me were taken by my wonderful Zac

Zacventure: Silver Lake

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I am sorry that I have so many of these! I promise I am almost done, and that I will FINALLY be all caught up with pictures. Only 5 billion years later. No big deal or anything.

About a month back, Zachary and I had some extra time before we had plans with some friends. Like any normal couple, we decided to head up to the top of Big Cottonwood canyon to Silver Lake. What was just a way to pass time ended up turning into a nice stroll/ epic game of lava. Oh just you wait.
This was the course laid before us. Obviously seeing this made us decide to do this...
And of course, the victory picture once we made it to the rock of choice. 
 Basically we are PRO at lava. No doubt about it. 
This is when Zac decided to be a ninja master, and steal my out of my pocket...and then put it back WITHOUT ME NOTICING! Ninja I tell you! This was the lovely present I received when I later checked my phone that day..
Yeah.. I kinda love him. No big deal.
Obviously, I saved the best for last. 

Well that is that. I am almost completely caught up with photos! Yay me! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Anyone have fun Thanksgiving traditions?!

I don't know about you guys, but I am in legit Christmas mode at the moment. So ready, and so happy it is December. This year really has flown by, but it has been one of my most favorite years to date. 

I realize this has become a bit of a ramble fest. I will end now, before I continue. Happy Sunday everyone!

Meet Olive

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I don't think I have mentioned this yet on here, but my family got a puppy. The cutest little German Shepherd puppy in all the land! Like seriously, she kills me with her cuteness. It is bad. Especially since she is in a biting stage at the moment, which is NOT very fun for my hands and ankles. You people with cats, I have no idea how you do it. Maybe this will prepare me for my future cats, but probably not.

This weekend my dad and I took our little pup up the canyon, and it was the funniest thing on the planet! She is OBSESSED with eating leaves, so I'm sure you can only imagine what was happening up there. It was also her first time experiencing snow, so that was also hilarious. Oh man, this pup. She is just something else!
This is right before she fell face first into the water. Haha She is definitely a curious puppy.
So yes, this is Olive, and you most likely will be seeing a lot more of her. Prepare yourselves.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am still going through some older pictures I took this summer/ early fall, and I remembered I still hadn't posted pictures from my very first zacventure! This kid... he just cracks me up daily, and has a way of making every single day a good day. He has been such an incredible blessing in my life, and I am so lucky to have someone so wonderful.

It is crazy going through these photos. I feel like I have developed so much as a photographer (still don't think that is the right choice of word), and it is all thanks to these fun zacventures I get to go on. I am so comfortable behind my camera now, even in the presence of other people. I am just more confident in my picture taking skills, so it is something I continually think about and want to do.

I guess with that said, you should know that these photos are nothing fancy. They are more just of this guy I love, and why he is constantly making me laugh. I was cracking up going through these photos. This was our first adventure venturing up to the highest paved road in Utah. Such a beautiful drive, but you will have to take my word for it, because I didn't exactly take pictures. Sorry about it. Also a few pictures of a little pit stop to watch some trains. My man loves him some trains.
This is what happens when you leave your camera on the picnic table, because you forgot your water bottle in the car. I didn't know any better at the time. Now I do. Haha
See this log?! Zac has skills AND balance, so he was able to walk across it. I warned that if I went out there I would fall. Obviously I decided to go out anyway, and sure enough as I was walking back to land, both feet slipped on both sides of the log leaving me with some good battle wounds, and bruises on the inside of both of my calves. Yay for no coordination! 
These pictures really just make me so happy. I just can't even wait for all the adventures yet to come!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So I have finally decided to stop being lazy, and post pictures I took basically five hundred years ago. No big deal or anything. These photo are from this summer. I guess this is kind of cheating, because I didn't take this pictures. My friend Anna from Anna Apricot did!

I guess this would be the time to let everyone know that I have had some changes in life plans. I am no longer going to be serving an lds mission. It is something that I feel good about, and I decided that school was more important to me. I kind of got caught up in all my friends leaving on lds missions, that I thought it was the right thing for me. I am so much happier with my decision to stay, and I feel like a huge stress has been lifted off my shoulders.

I want to thank all of you for being so supportive throughout this whole process. It is crazy to have such a support system from people I have never even met. You guys are the best, and I am so grateful for you all.

Well, I guess back to the pictures. Again, these were taken by my lovely friend Anna. I asked her to take missionary photos of me. I am so in love with the results, that I just had to share. This was the photo shoot that involved the billion pound chair that almost killed us! Enjoy!

And of course I wouldn't be me without a picture like this!

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