Monday, April 28, 2014

You guys!! Finals are almost done! Of course I have the one professor that decides to have the last final on the last day of finals week. Who even does that?! I had my second to last final this morning... at 8am. Like I am sorry, but no. Campus is about thirty minutes from my house, so I was not exactly the happiest or most awake human this morning. I was expecting to be the only human on campus, but apparently A BILLION professors decided to have their exams at 8am as well. It should be illegal. 

I am always so impressed with those humans, boys AND girls, that have the will power to get up and get completely ready that early in the morning. Like I am seriously impressed, especially since I went to my final without brushing my hair, no makeup, and wearing the shirt I went to bed in. I brushed my teeth, and that felt successful! Haha Maybe one of these days I will be one of those humans, but it ain't looking to hot at the moment. And ask me if I have gotten ready since then.... yeah, that would be a no. Ask me if I feel bad about it... yeah, that would also be a no. I did go running, so I have done something productive. Hey, and I'm blogging which we all know is like a once in a lifetime occurrence lately. Haha Sorry about it.

How have finals been for everyone else? I have been pleasantly surprised with how my finals have gone so far. I am pretty sure my professors felt bad just for me, so they decided to go easy on me. I'm not complaining. Things will start getting more interesting as soon is school is done. On Wednesday I am heading down to Moab for the weekend, so you best believe I will be taking ALL THE PICTURES!! So yeah, you can look forward to that I guess.

For all of you that still have finals, GOOD LUCK! For all of you that don't... Take my tests for me please and thank you. 

p.s- I woke up to snow on my car this morning, and I am still upset about it. Seriously Utah, get it together and give me summer! Also, my Head and the Heart tickets came in the mail and I WANT TO CRY!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

You know what I have realized? Having a blog is hard sometimes. I feel like I never really know what I want this blog to be, so I guess it just has to be a little bit of everything. Sometimes it is hard to be 100% you when you are in a world where everything is evolving into something new and better. Sometimes you just want to give in, just so it's easier. At least you think it will be easier. I have found it is actually a whole lot harder. It is hard to try and be someone you are not. So this blog of mine is just a little bit of everything. Sure, it is never going to be some huge and crazy thing, but I guess it just really doesn't matter. That stuff just isn't important to me anymore. It's just to hard trying to keep up with things you don't believe in. So that is why I am going to tell you about my day. 

Today was an incredibly good day! I did have to get up early for class which is basically hell in a nutshell, but I somehow made it onto the bus at 8:20am. How I have managed to do that every day this semester is beyond me! Oh wait... that hasn't happened. Like for real you guys, I am happy if I make it to school twice a week. Spring semester just end already! 

After I basically ran out of class to avoid the campus wide earthquake drill, I ended up catching an earlier bus than usual, so that was nice to get home early. I basically just sat around and relaxed until noon instead of studying for finals, because you know, priorities. Than I hopped in the car and headed over to Emma's lovely home. 

I'm sure most of you know the lovely Emma from Tightrope to the Sun. If you don't, you best be making your way over to that pretty little blog of hers right this second. Like seriously, her writing will make you feel ALL THE FEELINGS! No joke. 

Basically, Emma is one of my favorite humans in the universe, so we decided to have lunch today. We walked down to the coolest little cafe on her street, BECAUSE IT WAS ALL SORTS OF GORGEOUS OUTSIDE, and ate delicious food. Like seriously, I will rave on about this bagel that I had! Cream cheese, avocado, and tomatoes. It was unreal you guys. Not even a joke. 

Of course every time I get together with Emma it has been about a billion years since we have last seen each other, so we always have so many stories to catch up on. Emma is seriously the greatest human to talk to. We can have the most serious conversations, but then somehow we both end up cracking up at whatever is going on. Her life is pretty hilarious. Sometimes I just can't even handle it. She is one stellar human being. But seriously, Emma is one of my best friends, and I literally tell her everything. We both tend to be a tiny bit anti-social, so that is why we don't see each other that often. That and we are both crazy busy, but we are working on it!! But seriously, everyone needs a friend like Emma. Someone who you know you can tell ANYTHING to, and there will not be a single bit of judgement. She has been a major support in a big transition in my life, and I will never be able to thank her enough for that. She really is the absolute greatest. 

Alright, that is basically the end of my good day, because you obviously can't beat hanging out with Emma! Especially when Zachary is in Moab for a week. She is always a highlight to my week, so yeah... GO READ HER BLOG OR SOMETHING!

P.s- I finally got to see her Gatsby tattoo in person, and I all sorts of died inside.

*image via pinterest

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