Monday, April 28, 2014

You guys!! Finals are almost done! Of course I have the one professor that decides to have the last final on the last day of finals week. Who even does that?! I had my second to last final this morning... at 8am. Like I am sorry, but no. Campus is about thirty minutes from my house, so I was not exactly the happiest or most awake human this morning. I was expecting to be the only human on campus, but apparently A BILLION professors decided to have their exams at 8am as well. It should be illegal. 

I am always so impressed with those humans, boys AND girls, that have the will power to get up and get completely ready that early in the morning. Like I am seriously impressed, especially since I went to my final without brushing my hair, no makeup, and wearing the shirt I went to bed in. I brushed my teeth, and that felt successful! Haha Maybe one of these days I will be one of those humans, but it ain't looking to hot at the moment. And ask me if I have gotten ready since then.... yeah, that would be a no. Ask me if I feel bad about it... yeah, that would also be a no. I did go running, so I have done something productive. Hey, and I'm blogging which we all know is like a once in a lifetime occurrence lately. Haha Sorry about it.

How have finals been for everyone else? I have been pleasantly surprised with how my finals have gone so far. I am pretty sure my professors felt bad just for me, so they decided to go easy on me. I'm not complaining. Things will start getting more interesting as soon is school is done. On Wednesday I am heading down to Moab for the weekend, so you best believe I will be taking ALL THE PICTURES!! So yeah, you can look forward to that I guess.

For all of you that still have finals, GOOD LUCK! For all of you that don't... Take my tests for me please and thank you. 

p.s- I woke up to snow on my car this morning, and I am still upset about it. Seriously Utah, get it together and give me summer! Also, my Head and the Heart tickets came in the mail and I WANT TO CRY!

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  1. You're the cutest. That is all.

  2. hope all your finals went well!!

    and you won the giveaway just hosted for thread wallets!!! what's your email so i can send you all the details??

  3. So I came across your blog because of Shayla, who liked one of my posts on instagram. Love this viral world. Anyways, I love your blog design! Pretty stunning. So I stayed and looked around and now you have one more follower. :)

    1. haha it really is such a crazy world, but i love it! welcome lady :)

  4. I love your blog!!! And haha, finals at 8am should DEFINITELY be illegal. Happy you got your Head and the Heart tickets! Followed your blog x

  5. OvO i love your blog. Its super simple. :) I hate finals and let alone finals in the morning.

    Daisy l KlassicKitty


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