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Saturday, January 30, 2016

I feel like it has been five billion years since I have posted my own photos on here. Truthfully, I have missed it terribly.

I got a couple rolls of film developed this week that have been sitting on our bookshelf for well over a year. I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and drive down to my favorite local printing shop to get them developed (Replicolor anyone?). These are some photos from my Costa Rica trip I went on two summers ago with a few photos exploring downtown SLC thrown in the mix. I was so excited to get these back! I knew most were from Costa Rica, but I had completely forgotten about a little downtown adventure Zac and I went on FOREVER ago! We bought these Anywhere Travel Guide cards, and decided to explore our own city. We ended up trying some awesome new restaurants, and explored some places we probably never would have. To be honest I completely forgot that I had them. I will have to take them on our next city adventure together.

These photos got me really excited to start taking some photos again, and to maybe edit and post some photos I just haven't gotten around to yet. I have had a really it hard time finding what my "thing" is when it comes to photography. I feel like I have literally tried everything! But if I am being completely honest with myself it is the photos that I find on film where I see my true passion. I am all about candid, and I love capturing places, people, and things in their natural surroundings. That sounds so so so cheesy, but I don't know how else to explain it. I have tried to be so many things when it comes to being a "photographer". I get pulled into wanting to do what everyone around me is doing. I can't do the weddings, engagements, and family photos. That stuff doesn't make me happy. And realizing that makes me completely okay with photography just being my hobby. Sometimes you try so hard for so long to impress people with your "skills" in whatever it is that you are doing that you forget why you are actually doing it. I constantly putting my camera bag on the shelf for the fear of being inadequate. I want to put that mindset aside, and get back into taking photos purely because I love taking them.

Well that was a lot to say just to show you some really old photos!

 My awesome husband (then boyfriend or fiance, I can't really remember) posing in front of a cool brick wall just because I asked him too. Haha
 Obviously I didn't take this one. Photo cred to the husband. 
I know this photo is blurry, but for some reason I still love it.
 Seriously though, how green is this place?!

 I think it is definitely time to go back.

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