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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Have you guys seen this video?? I just love it. I think people see "celebrities" as these people that are on a higher level than the rest of the world. The thing is, we put them there. When it comes down to it, everyone is human. We are equal. It is nice to see someone that a lot of people admire take the time to say that, and to remind everyone how things really are. I just like it. What do you guys think?


  1. LOVE. thanks for sharing! seriously, love him.

  2. I never really though much about Ashton, but it's nice to see someone with social influence speak truth into the lives of younger people. Teenagers hear so much bullshit about how they should be and how they should look from famous "role-models," so it's nice to hear someone be positive and affirming.

    1. that is exactly how i felt about it! like 100%

  3. Opportunities look a lot like work. What a little gem of a statement. Also be smart. Can't with Ashton/Chris. Build a life with me, Chris! Great share!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  4. I liked this! I hadn't seen it before. Good advice, and I agree, it's cool to see someone giving good advice to teens for once!


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