Friday, December 11, 2015

If you follow me on any other social media platform you have seen that I have been sharing Brené Brown quotes like it is no one's business! I just started reading her book The Gifts of Imperfection, and it seriously is changing everything. You guys, I am only on page 40! Obviously, it is a very popular book (over one million copies sold says the cover), and has helped so many people, but I seriously couldn't have started reading it at a better point in time. I have been struggling with some inner battles lately, and it has just been one of those situations where I can't find the words to express how I am feeling. 

If I am being completely honest, presidential campaign season seriously sucks! I have tried really hard to keep myself informed about what is going on, but it is kind of too much. It is so much negativity, and I am continually shocked about things that are happening, and what people are choosing to say to those they love in the name of politics. 

I was so frustrated yesterday, because of a certain conversation I saw go down on Facebook including people I really care about, and I felt like there was absolutely nothing I could say. Facebook especially has become a stomping ground for immature fighting and uncontrolled anger. It seriously is so ridiculous! I feel like I can't share anything resembling and opinion without it meticulously being picked a part by someone who doesn't agree. And it never ends! I am all for a good debate, but that is NOT what is happening. 

So after having all the feelings yesterday, and struggling to find the words to say I came across the most perfect quote that said it all for me.  

"We live in a blame culture- we want to know whose fault it is and how they're going to pay. In our personal, social, and political worlds, we do a lot of screaming and finger-pointing, but we rarely hold people accountable. How could we? We're so exhausted from ranting and raving that we don't have the energy to develop meaningful consequences and enforce them. From Washington, DC, and Wall Street to our own schools and homes, I think this rage-blame-too-tired-and-busy-to-follow-through mind-set is why we're so heavy on self-righteous anger and so low on compassion." -Brené Brown

But seriously, how many times a day do we forget to exercise compassion, especially to those who we love? I completely believe in sharing opinions, but how different would our conversations be if we remembered that the person whose post we are commenting on is an ACTUAL human being? I know people get very heated up about things they believe in, myself included, but I think it is about freaking time that we calm down and think about how we are talking to people. I believe we need to show compassion and love to those around us even if we don't have the same beliefs sometimes, but I am done supporting/ following/ being friends with people who continue to spread negativity and "self-righteous anger." I am holding those I know and love accountable for their actions, and choosing to remove those who are not choosing compassion and love from my life. The world already has enough negativity to go around. There is no use in surrounding yourself with negative influences on purpose. 

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