Zacventure: Fish Lake

Monday, October 21, 2013

This weekend Zac and I ventured down to Fish Lake to visit Zac's brother. It was absolutely wonderful. My kids are on break, so I had most of last week off. Originally, a small group of us wanted to head down to Moab to camp for a couple days, but it ended up not working out. I was thrilled to have any excuse to escape to the mountains for a little bit, so I accepted the invitation with open arms.

I feel like I haven't used my camera in FOREVER! I may have went a little overboard.
Alright, so Zac took this first picture.. with his fancy new iphone, but I like it so I am putting it first. Now here are some of my random snapshots.
^^ Not quite sure if he was taking a picture of me, or of something behind me... either way this made me laugh.
^^ The face that I get the majority of the time I try to take his picture. Haha
Isn't this place amazing?! I could spend days exploring, and taking pictures. Unfortunately, this weekend was the beginning of the deer hunting season (I believe), so we couldn't do much wandering. After exploring around Fish Lake we found our way to Capitol Reef, but I will have more on that later.

This weekend was literally a breathe of fresh air. It was short, but we managed to jam pack it with good road tripping music, uno playing, tears streaming down your face laughing, chocolate chip pancakes, picture taking, and more road tripping. I could use little vacations like this more often.


  1. What a pretty weekend. Never fear MOAB IN THE SPRING :)))))

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. haha love the one with your man holding up his phone - the new age traveller! Your photos are beautiful x

    1. my thoughts exactly. hahah and thank you so much :)

  3. i love fish lake!! i use to go camping and fishing there all the time. my husband is from a tiny town right by fish lake called Loa...maybe you passed it in your travels?? i absolutely love these photos and your blog shelb! :)

    1. really?! that is awesome!! and i'm not sure if we passed it or not. i wouldn't me surprised! haha thank you so so much lady! you are wonderful :)

  4. These photos are amazing! I wish Florida had greenspaces like these! :( , but :) for you guys!


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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