Thursday, February 13, 2014

About two weeks ago I took in two rolls of film to get developed that have been sitting in my room for a year and a half. They were my first two rolls of film I shot after taking my dark room photography class my first semester of college.

I was so excited to see these. Mostly because I couldn't remember anything I had taken on them. My goodness, did I have a major flash back to the past! In these photos I see experimenting with my camera, past relationships, my pup that passed away almost a year ago, and just random things I thought were important at the time of taking them. I think the biggest surprise with this developed film is to see how much I have grown as a photographer since then. Guys, these pictures are kind of horrible. Haha Half of them are just noise, and the others are extremely under or over-exposed. Oh, and blurry! I couldn't forget blurry. I am going to share them anyway, because it just goes to show what practice and passion can do in just a year and a half. Seeing these have just made me appreciate that I have stuck with photography, and that I continue to learn and grow.

But seriously you guys, get ready for these. Some are a bit of an eye sore. Haha I am not sharing all of them, because that would just be mean. So yeah, here are a few.
Ahhh my pup!! Look at this handsome guy. Love him to pieces! Miss you buddy.

Obviously I have to end with a selfie. It only makes sense. But seriously, don't ask me what made me decide to take a picture of my window, yarn, and best of all an old friend sitting in the corner of a shower completely drenched. Let's not try and figure out how my mind works sometimes, because that is just chaos. 

So there is "younger" Shelby trying to be a cool and hip photographer... HAHAHA if only I had known.


  1. I adore these. Black and white and blurry. That's how I like em.

  2. i second emma's opinion. and add grainy. i love film.

  3. mmmm, these are good. you are so talented.

  4. I actually really like these. Not kidding. They have an innocence to them.


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