Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If you have been following my instagram, you have seen that Zac and I have recently taken up hiking. Let's just say it is absolutely wonderful, but my calves are on fire.. and my shins… and thighs… and feet. Just sayin'. I thought I would share a few more photos of our hiking adventures that I didn't post on instagram. Mostly because Utah is gorgeous, and everyone needs to see how freaking gorgeous it is. Okay? Okay.
First was a random little trail we found near the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon. We were both nervous about the avalanche danger, so we tried to find someplace with no snow. This was basically all we could find at the time.
So lets just talk about my fear of heights real quick, and how what appears to be joy on my face is absolute terror on the inside. Just clarifying.

Our next adventure was up Milcreek Canyon. We stayed towards the bottom once again, so we decided on Pipeline. You will soon see why we couldn't exactly finish that one.
Here was the beginning of the hike. So wonderful and calm... but then...

Yeah... let's not talk about it. Haha
After that we decided to turn around which was a very good choice on our part.
Our next hiking adventure was in Bountiful, and that hike was literally death. I only took once picture, mostly because the only thing I could focus on while walking was putting one foot in front of the other, and trying not to fall over and die. So here is your one picture.
Hehe soo handsome!

After the hike of death we decided to hike Ensign Peak aka the easiest hike in existence.
So the four days of hiking ended on a Tuesday. We decided to give ourselves a nice long break, and not hike again until Saturday. Saturday we headed up to Antelope Island, and settled on Frary Peak. We also brought along a little friend of ours, Frary the Summit Frog. He is our new friend that will be joining us on all our summit hikes. Yay Frary the Frog!
This was the first hike we actually finished! 7 miles round trip might not sound like much, but I was pretty proud!

Our last hike for the week was supposed to be the Bonneville Shoreline trail, but it is kind of in the process of being made, so we just kind of wandered around a bunch of different trails. We made a friend on the way which was pretty cool.
Through hiking and choosing to exercise more I have gained such an appreciation for my body. I have learned to love the body that I have. I am so grateful for a body that allows me to be active, and has the opportunity to get stronger. It just makes me happy.

Hopefully these hiking adventures don't stop. I like being active, and I like getting outside and enjoying some fresh air. Zac and I are trying to hike Kings Peak this summer, which is the highest point in Utah. Wish is luck!!
P.s- we also watched Star Wars inside a tent, so I guess we are pretty cool. Yes, those are light sabers, and yes they are my boyfriends. And YES, I love him even more for it!


  1. This is so awesome! I wish I lived in a place with lots of hiking trails! Can't wait to see more. :) Gorgeous photos!

    1. thank you so much! :) i am so grateful to live someplace like Utah.

  2. How fun. Good LORD Utah is so beautiful :) You'll have to go hike Baer Canyon right by my old house :)

    1. right?! like i can't even handle it. and alright!! i will put it on the list!

  3. I don't doubt it! Hopefully I can come see how pretty it is soon!

  4. You guys are just way too cool. Such adventurers :) LOVE the summit frog haha

    1. not even a little bit cool, really. Haha promise.

  5. ahhhhh such gorgeous hikes. you made me remember that it's perfectly fine and awesome to hike around in this late wintertime...i might have to hit up some of these places one of these march weekends!

    1. it really is! i mean even just snow shoeing around. you kind of just have to force yourself to get out, and then you realize it is fine.

  6. I love hiking and going on adventures like this and also taking photos! Great post! :D


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