Costa Rica: Day Five and Six

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I actually took a few pictures on these days, so we should all be happy about that! Day five consisted of a wonderful walk through a cloud forest, and a canopy adventure aka zip lining! Not much more to say than that. Zip lining in Costa Rica is a lot different than zip lining in the states. Basically you have a glove with a thick piece of something durable in the middle of your palm, and that is what you use to stop yourself. It is kind of terrifying, but it was so fun!
On top of the cloud forest
What I had to climb up in order to see the top of the cloud forest..
Getting all geared up to go zip lining!
And proof that it actually happened!

Day six was quite the treat. First, we traveled to the Puntarenas region which meant two days of beach! But before the beauty that is the Costa Rican beach, we went on a crocodile tour. I don't know if any of you have ever been on a crocodile tour in the U.S before, but I will tell you what you see. Birds... a lot of birds. Guess what you see on a Costa Rican crocodile tour? Actual crocodiles! Like huge ones that are freaking scary! Let's just say I have NEVER been so close to a crocodile in all my life, and I have also never seen so many! They were seriously everywhere! In one spot there were like fifteen just sun bathing. It was freaking crazy you guys! Crazy!

Well that is all for day five and six. I am sorry I have been so slow putting these up. It is kind of crazy what being an adult does to your time. Thankfully I am done with summer semester in a couple days, and I will have two glorious weeks of no school! I can't even wait! 


  1. all of your pictures from this trip have been OFF THE HOOK. it looks like such a lush, green, magical place! keep posting pictures!


    1. it really is! it is like fairy land or something. unreal!


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