Costa Rica: Day Three and Four

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I apologize for how long it took me to get this post up! I just spent the last week in Cape Cod meeting Zachary's wonderful family, and there wasn't much time for blogging. You know how it goes.

I am going to be very honest. Pictures are going to be quite sparse from here on out. I came to the decision after finding out that my legit camera had no memory card that I was instead going to just soak up everything, and try to leave my phone out of it. I didn't want my camera to be a distraction from my experience. All I can say is I am so glad I did. It is like I left a piece of myself in Costa Rica as I experienced its beauty through MY eyes and not my cameras. I didn't think it would make such a difference, but it truly did. I felt like I was able to completely enjoy every single moment without the distraction of a flash. Obviously I took out my camera every once in a while (I brought my film camera along with me), but there were days that I didn't take a single picture, and I am happy I didn't.

I don't need to prove to everyone else that I was having a blast in Costa Rica. While everyone was taking a picture "with" the waterfall with their back turned to the beauty, I was taking it in alone. Feeling its power as its thunder ran through me, and feeling the mist of its aftermath hit my face. Costa Rica is a place that you can truly be one with, and I didn't want to waste to much of my short time there behind a lens.

Well, I think I have made my point. Now I will get to the day three and four part of this post.

Day three was our water day. This was one of the days that I did not bring my phone or camera. We started the day off by kayaking across Lake Arenal which was absolutely stunning! It is a man-made lake which makes it all that more impressive given its size. We raced, we laughed, we swam, and then we headed to La Fortuna Waterfall which was incredible! I wish I could explain the power of this thing. It was crazy. It poured rain as we trekked down 500 stairs, and of course did not rain as we hiked back up. Like I think that may have been one of the most impressive moments of my life. Haha I didn't stop once as we hiked back up those stairs, and I am pretty proud of myself.

After a long day of hiking and kayaking we spent the rest of the night relaxing in man-made hot springs. Now when I imagined hot springs I imagined a whole in the ground with some hot water in it... Oh was I mistaken. This place was a full on RESORT with drinks, tvs, waterfalls, slides, and much more. It was beyond heavenly, and the perfect way to end the day!

I guess now it is time for some pictures of day three... I don't have much, but I have a few photos I stole from Facebook. Enjoy!
Lake Arenal
La Fortuna
Hot Springs!!

Alright day four... the day I thought I was going to die. Let me give a little background.

When I was eight my family decided to go horseback riding in someplace similar to the grand canyon. I can't really remember where exactly. Anyways, I was stuck with this donkey like horse that scared the crap out of me. It was the only horse that didn't listen, and would just wander off the trail with me having no choice put to wander with it. Then there was the donkey horse deciding it wanted to look like it was going to walk of the edge of the CLIFF, and that was it. I cried the rest of the time, and from then on hated horses. Well, not hated but I am deeply terrified of them. If there is a wall between us I am fine, but no wall and I am done for. Release the panic attack!

Anyway, so I decided that in Costa Rica (where there are apparently no rules or safety regulations) I was going to give horse back riding another shot. Worst. Mistake. Ever. You guys, I literally thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to fall of the horse, get trampled, and die in Costa Rica. I have never been more terrified in my entire life. This was not a typical leisurely horse back riding stroll. No, this was a trotting enough to almost make me fly over the top of the horse, and running at full speed kind of horse back riding fiasco. Basically what I learned is that I am not a horse person, and I am still 100% terrified of horses. The end.
On the bus thinking that horseback riding was actually going to be fun.

And there I am over to the left. The one whose body language is completely misleading even though I am smiling in the picture. Basically I am using my legs to hold on to the thing for dear life. But the ride was super pretty! Too bad I spent most of the time thinking I was going to die. Oh well. Life. Yay for day three and four!


  1. GAH, even though you chose not to take many photos the ones that you have are GORGEOUS! and i feel the same way very often- i love taking photos but sometimes it bums me out that i'm seeing stuff through a less rather than my own eyes. Like that waterfall moment you had. I rather be in your position, than having my back to the water :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. exactly! it is almost like I have to alternate between the two. it is so hard to decide when to leave the camera at home, and when to bring it. i LOVE taking pictures, but sometimes it really does get in the way of the experience.

  2. "I don't need to prove to everyone else that I was having a blast in Costa Rica. While everyone was taking a picture "with" the waterfall with their back turned to the beauty, I was taking it in alone. Feeling its power as its thunder ran through me, and feeling the mist of its aftermath hit my face."

    I really like that. A lot. Documenting CAN enrich things, but it can also be excessive. And anything in excess tends to cheapen the Thing itself. Agreed.

    Oh, and I hope meeting the parents went well ;)


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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