Ice Bucket Challenge

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

While I may have my own opinions of the ever growing popularity of the ice bucket challenge, I couldn't pass up the opportunity of documenting my little brother taking it on. I had been feeling like I was neglecting my camera recently, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity for it to capture some action. I was very happy with the results. 
Obviously I had to capture photos of my cute pups. I am obsessed with Olive's curly tufts behind her ears, but she absolutely hates it when I touch them. Haha
The unfortunate (best) part of this whole experience was that my mother did not know how to work Instagram video. She was not aware that in order to record you had to HOLD the button down the entire time, so basically what we got was him about to pour it on his head, and then him soaking wet. We all got a pretty good laugh out of that. However, we did not have a proper video to post.... so he did it twice. 
What a good sport, this brother of mine. 

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  1. Those first two pics of him with the water are so so so good.


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