Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sooo Zac and I got a kitten, and I am pretty sure it was the best decision of our lives. Seriously you guys, I never knew I could love a little furry creature so much! We got him from the Humane Society of Utah. I have started volunteering there, and I was finishing up one of my mentoring sessions. Zac and I had been talking about getting a kitten, so I went to go take a look. You guys, it was like an explosion of kittens!!! There were so many people in that room, and kittens were everywhere! I saw our sweet Atticus, and decided to give him a little cuddle. My word, he is the biggest love bug around! Lets just say I wouldn't let him go until Zac rushed down to the Humane Society.

It was pretty hysterical when we first got him, because he had the biggest potbelly! His litter had been abandoned at a pizza place, and all he had been fed until he was brought to the Humane Society was pizza. Poor little guy.

So yeah, I am in love, and I thought I would share a few of the billion pictures we have already taken of him! Haha Oh prepare yourselves!

Ugh! Don't worry about me. I will just be over here crying over his cuteness!


  1. This is too precious! What a sweet little kitty!

    1. he is seriously the cutest! i can't even handle him!

  2. he is the most darling little kitten! i swoon over kittens bc they are just too cute for words and because they are so soft and the best. i'm so happy you guys got a little kitty!


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