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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I swear that every couple of months I am always contemplating where exactly I want this blog to go. Do I just want it to be a bunch of rambling, a place for photography, fashion, etc. I feel like I have never been able to actually settle on something. What is something that I will always want to write about, and share with the world? Well who knows if I actually figured it out this time, but I really think I did.

If there is anything I am passionate about it is exploring this incredible world we live in, and sharing the beauty of it through my eyes. You can always count on me to have the travel bug itch, and to be constantly making lists upon lists of places I want to eventually explore in this world. My instagram and bloglovin' feed have switched from cool outfits and house projects to pictures of mountains, and tiny villages in France. I want to see the world through others eyes as well.

After reading more travel blogs I have come to realize how difficult it truly is to be a travel blogger. The thing is, we don't care about things. We don't care about schedules, materialistic things, looking good in pictures, etc. We care about rolling out of bed to watch the sunrise, and to hike up the side of a mountain to see the prettiest views life has to offer. We care about becoming one with different cultures, and saving every single penny we have just in order to go someplace new. I see all these people with their cute clothes and houses, and sometimes I am jealous. I feel like they have it all, and that I could have this cute life like them. The thing is, that just isn't me. I am going to be the one working my butt off just to buy another plane ticket, or gas money for a road trip. It truly is all I think about sometimes.

So I have thought a lot about this, and I have wondered how I could make it work. I am a full-time student who nannies every day of the week besides the weekends. I don't have much time to explore right now, but it is something my body needs and aches for. That is why I have decided to instead start exploring the incredible state I live in for the time being. I am always so focused on thinking and planning for trips to places that I have never been far away, that I often forget what a beautiful place I live in that I have seldom explored. I have realized that I can always find an adventure just a car ride away.

Here is my most recent mini adventure that I shared with my love. I have been all about sunrise and sunset walks lately, and yesterday we decided to further explore a park right by our houses. It was definitely the most wonderful way to start a morning.

So here goes nothing. Here is to sunrise walks, and sunset wanderings. To experiencing all things local, and finding hidden treasure within the boundaries of my own state. I know that there is so much out there to discover in my own backyard, and I am practically jumping out of my skin with the anticipation of near future adventures. So here starts a blog made for exploring, and sharing the beauty of even the most simple things in life. You don't need to go far to find something new. So yeah, here starts A Day In The Life of my adventures. A travel blog. An adventure blog. 


  1. I love this! It's so perfect for you. It can be so difficult to figure out what you want to FOCUS on. Do I want to be a photographer. Of course. So I guess I'll save all of my money for lenses. But...don't I also want to go places to use that camera? Obviously. So, I guess I'll use that money for travel expenses instead? But wait, don't I want to look awesome WHILE I'm doing these things? Um, given. So, I guess I'll spend all my money on clothes. Oh, wait I can't afford even one of these things. It's totally worth it though, to dedicate yourself to one thing. I think. It takes forever and is super hard and requires sacrifice, but that's how we become anything worth being, right? I'm rambling. Love the pictures. Bye.

    1. but like this is perfect Meg! that is the biggest part of it, sacrifice. i think everyone is so used to wanting everything now a days, and to step back and focus your attention on only one of those things... it is HARD! but i really believe that in the end it will be soo worth it.

  2. this post speaks to me bc i feel like i'm like why am i even writing what do i even want to be doing. but you're right, we have within us a true passion that we need to feed and follow even if it doesn't have a clear niche or even a true direction. we follow our hearts because that's what makes our truest, best selves happen. love this post.

    1. exactly! i love how you put it. everyone has passion, and it is just about taking the time to breathe and figure out what that passion is you know?

  3. Yasss good. Good. This feels like Shelby. So much Shelby now coming this way :)


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