San Francisco pt. 1

Monday, October 27, 2014

For those of you that follow me on Instagram know that I spent a week in San Francisco last week with Zachary. San Francisco is one of our favorite spots, and we decided to go back this time and do some more exploring. We took a spontaneous road trip there earlier this year, and did most of the tourist stuff. This time we stayed right outside the mission district, and got more of a local feel.
Our first stop was to double rainbow ice cream. So this is a funny story. Zac has a friend that suggested this place making it seem like an actual ice cream parlor. Well obviously we were feeling like some ice cream, so we set off to find it. What we ended up being led to was a whole sale factory for double rainbow. Turns out it is just a brand, not an ice cream shop. One of the guys that worked there was thankfully there, so we were able to see if we maybe had just come to the wrong place. Turns out it is ONLY whole sale, but that didn't stop the awesome man working there from giving us some free samples... thank you sir, we will take pint sized free samples ALL THE DAYS!
After finishing off our delicious ice cream we decided to explore Valencia Street aka the hipster haven of the world. Seriously, this street was all thrift shops, cafes, and street graffiti. Basically it was very entertaining to explore.
Look at this handsome guy! Nothing better than exploring with him. After thoroughly exploring Valencia we continued to wander around the Mission District.

Oh, and you guys might be wondering why it has taken me so long to post this. Lets just say things have been a little busy at the moment, and it may or may not involve this..
!!!!!!!! More on THAT next time!!!!!!!!


  1. OHHH EM GEEE!!! You're ENGAGED?!?

    1. i know!!! it is like all the kinds of insane!! i am so excited!!

  2. Ugh I miss this city! Also you guys :)

    I'll expect my sister wife ring any day now


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