Saturday, July 11, 2015

Does anyone else have absolutely no idea what the heck they want to do with their life? Like seriously, anyone? I just had this conversation with a friend a few days ago, and it seriously was like a weight lifted off my shoulders when I found out I wasn't the only one having this problem. I know a lot of people in their twenties (or thirties, or forties) have this problem, but I don't think it can be talked about enough. How do you get through it?! How do you find that one thing?!

The one thing my friend and I realized is that we have very similar personalities in that we like A LOT of things. Not only do we like a lot of things, but we like a lot of DIFFERENT things. I seriously don't know how to explain it. It is like I am not picky enough to be able to choose one thing. I am good when there are only a few options, but when there are like hundreds of options I can't do it! There are so many things I think I would like, that I feel like I am going to spend all my time just trying to narrow it down rather than just going for something. I am very indecisive.

It is also one of those situations where one day you just KNOW what you want to do for the rest of your life. You have found your THING, and that is going to be it. Then 24 hours rolls around, and your realize that THING you decided on is the most ridiculous THING you could ever do with your life. Like what is that all about?

In case you are wondering I still have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I know that I will eventually get there. I have no idea when, (hopefully soon) but it will happen. I just have to realize that I  can't do everything, and I might just have to settle for work being work and I think I am okay with that.


  1. Absolutely. It's so freaking hard. Lately I've just found that life...kind of has it's own plan for you. Not to say that you're completely powerless to making change, because that isn't true either. But I read recently that if you take what you know about God (or the Universe or whatever you believe in), and add that to what God put into your heart to appreciate - what really MOVES you - then you have a plan for your life.

    I read in a Hozier interview a few months ago that he never planned to become famous and have a #1 song and see Taylor Swift at one of his concerts. He said, "I just followed what moved me." And every single freaking time I think of that line, I get chills. If we just follow what moves us, what could go wrong? Our tiny human brains can never map things out perfectly, so just follow what is within you struggling to be born and the map will appear as you go! ...At least, that's what I think. Sorry about the long comments, I just think about the same things as you very often it seems!

    1. I seriously love everything about this!!!! Thank you!


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