Sunday, August 16, 2015

I have been thinking a lot about blogging lately, and what I want to end up doing with this blog here. I have such an attachment to this blog. I started it a couple years after I started college, and it has seen me through a lot of heart break, change, and growth. I feel like every blogger comes to a point where their old blog just doesn't seem to fit them anymore. In twenty-five days I will be married, and starting a new life with someone. This coming spring I will be graduating from college. There is a lot of change in the near future, and it just makes me wonder if this little blog I have here will fit with the coming change.

Zac and I started a blog together about a year ago, but we have rarely used it. I have thought a lot about possibly going back to that once we are married, and letting that turn back into a combined effort of our individual takes on our life and adventures we share. It just seems like it would be more fitting, but if I do decide to do that it means only a little time left on here and that is WEIRD! I don't really know why I am saying any of this anyway. It is just something I have been thinking about, and just recently talked to a friend about. I just remember how fun it was blogging together, but it would literally be starting from scratch. I think I am okay with that though.

Well enough about my random and unnecessary rambling! I had a few photos I wanted to share with you guys from a mini road trip Zac and I took a few weeks ago to Bear Lake! It was the very first time either of us had been there, and we LOVED it! We rented a kayak the night before we left from REI to bring along. We spent the whole weekend either in the water, or reading/taking pictures/water coloring by the campfire. I only brought my film camera, so the photos I have are ones that Zac took!
We were able to stay at an AWESOME campsite about 10-15 minutes from the lake. It was super shady, and it was a huge space! We definitely want to go back with friends, and actually utilize the space.
 This was me in the process of sticking my tongue out at the camera... haha

It was fun being a little touristy for this mini trip. We got the "famous" raspberry shakes which were in fact quite delicious. That was like the number one thing people told us to do, and it actually was worth it. Those shakes were heavenly.

My favorite moments were coffee in the morning, reading in the hammock, taking pictures on film, and exploring the lake via kayak. We did decide that next time we will probably just bring tubes to float around on. There weren't many places to explore with the kayaks, and we just loved being in the water. Also, we got an inflatable kayak, and that thing was a pain and a half to blow up, and then put away after. Overall, I would say it was a major success, and might just have to be a summer tradition!


  1. I only started blogging around 3 years ago and I've always imagined myself blogging, like...forever, hahaha, but I know that's not realistic. I'm still young, but your 'rambling' really made me think about where my blog will be in a couple of years..anyways your (in all your posts really) exploring pictures are honestly the best!!!!! Soooo pretty!!!!

  2. I wish my husband and I could be as adventurous as you two. And whatever you decide, I hope it's to keep blogging somehow in general, because I love you, okay? And blogging, actual sincere non-fashion, non-advertisement blogging, seems to be a dying breed.


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