Monday, November 23, 2015

Basically all I want to do is post every single one of our wedding photos, but I am going to try and spread those out if I can! I've already overwhelmed the people of Facebook by doing just that, so sorry people of Facebook.

Life has been super busy lately, but it is finally starting to slow down a bit. One of the families I nanny for is out of town for Thanksgiving, so I all I have going on is a school for half the week. It is much needed considering how crazy last week was! I am taking an emergency first aid class, and basically EVERYTHING was due last week, including our final practical. You guys, I have AWFUL test anxiety, so I was freaking out about this final! It was for our lab, so I was thrown into a "real" emergency first aid situation, and had to remember all the five billion things you are supposed to do as a first aid responder. After I left the test I wasn't feeling the greatest about how it went. I had been so nervous, and I felt like I forgot everything! But I got my score today, and I did sooo much better than I initially had thought! I am so happy with the score I got, and I am so glad I don't have to worry about it anymore. That was the one part of the semester I was most nervous about, so I feel like it will be pretty smooth sailing from now until the end of the semester!

Seeing the semester coming to an end, and realizing that I have only one semester left until graduation has been pretty intimidating. I feel like right now is the easy part, and it is just going to get more crazy as soon as I am done with school. I have to start putting applications together this week for practicums, and that is just crazy to me! It is all starting to feel real, and that is scary! The future is coming, and it's coming right now! It is all just so nerve wracking, and I find myself constantly questioning if I have chosen the right career path. Is this what really makes me happy? Have any of you had this experience? I feel like I would feel a lot better about all of this if I knew I wasn't the only one questioning things at the last possible minute!

I guess all you can do is take it one day at a time, and just hope that life will lead you in the right direction. I am scared knowing that in the next six months I will most likely be moving someplace new. I have only ever remembered living in Utah (I lived in California and Idaho when I was really little), and the thought of leaving is terrifying!  I know Utah! I know how it works, and I understand the culture. It is scary thinking about having to learn all that over again someplace new, but it also is extremely exciting. I am looking forward for the experiences that are coming, and I am ready to give it my all.

Well I think that is enough word vomit for the night! Planning on putting all the "hard" stuff on hold for this week, and instead focus on the things that really matter. Like what we should have for dessert tonight! No bake cookies anyone?

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  1. You are doing so great! Stop beating yourself up! And congrats on the good test score! Enjoy the cookies! Nom nom noming here also


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