The Four Gift Rule

Friday, November 6, 2015

Have you guys ever heard of this? My mother-in-law emailed Zac earlier this week asking what his thoughts were about it, and we both kind of fell in love with the idea. Both of us have kind of been heading in a more anti- consumerism direction lately, so this seemed to fit our goals perfectly. We thought it would be a great idea for both birthdays AND Christmas. Here is the four gift rule...
Isn't it kind of awesome? I love Christmas as much as the next person, but it kind of feels like Christmas continually becomes more about the shopping and buying, and less about the traditions you share with your family and loved ones. I am a sucker for holiday traditions, and I am really looking forward to developing new ones now that the "gifts" won't be the main focus. There are just sooo many things you can do during the holiday season that bring families and loved ones closer together, but I really feel that sometimes it gets tainted by the need to consume. Why else would Christmas decorations be going up BEFORE Halloween is even over? I mean when you look back on the holidays it isn't really the gifts you remember. It is drinking eggnog out of fancy glasses while you decorate the Christmas tree and watch Elf, or having orange rolls and cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning before you open presents. I am excited for this coming holiday season to be more about the traditions and time spent together than worrying what is getting put under the Christmas tree.

Have any of you guys tried this, or have family that have? What are your thoughts? And what are some of your FAVORITE holiday traditions?


  1. Oh, Shelby, you are just completely right on all of the time. I can hardly remember what I got last Christmas. Except one pair of amazing boots that I wear several times a week...but anyway! It's always all about the time you spend, the traditions and feelings. SO true. Thank you for this. Also, I've been attempting to find stores that are sweatshop free. WAY harder than it should be, but I feel really good about it! I really love that it gives me a reason NOT to buy so much crap. Not that I should have needed a reason anyway, but you know what I mean.

    1. i am so with you!! it definitely has been a lot harder finding stuff, but i like that it is causing me to buy less. good for you lady! i am glad you are trying it! i am actually kind of stoked to do more thrifting now!

  2. Great idea!
    My parents gave us 3 gifts in honor of the 3 gifts Jesus was given as a chikd!

    1. I hope it is something my husband and I can carry on once we have children! :)


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