San Francisco pt. 1

Monday, October 27, 2014

For those of you that follow me on Instagram know that I spent a week in San Francisco last week with Zachary. San Francisco is one of our favorite spots, and we decided to go back this time and do some more exploring. We took a spontaneous road trip there earlier this year, and did most of the tourist stuff. This time we stayed right outside the mission district, and got more of a local feel.
Our first stop was to double rainbow ice cream. So this is a funny story. Zac has a friend that suggested this place making it seem like an actual ice cream parlor. Well obviously we were feeling like some ice cream, so we set off to find it. What we ended up being led to was a whole sale factory for double rainbow. Turns out it is just a brand, not an ice cream shop. One of the guys that worked there was thankfully there, so we were able to see if we maybe had just come to the wrong place. Turns out it is ONLY whole sale, but that didn't stop the awesome man working there from giving us some free samples... thank you sir, we will take pint sized free samples ALL THE DAYS!
After finishing off our delicious ice cream we decided to explore Valencia Street aka the hipster haven of the world. Seriously, this street was all thrift shops, cafes, and street graffiti. Basically it was very entertaining to explore.
Look at this handsome guy! Nothing better than exploring with him. After thoroughly exploring Valencia we continued to wander around the Mission District.

Oh, and you guys might be wondering why it has taken me so long to post this. Lets just say things have been a little busy at the moment, and it may or may not involve this..
!!!!!!!! More on THAT next time!!!!!!!!

Guardsman's Pass

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Zachary and I joined some of our friends this Saturday for some breakfast, and a little mini adventure up in Park City. They took us up to Guardsman's Pass, someplace neither of us had been before. We went around noon, and it was a little crowded, but rightfully so. The yellow of the trees on the way up was almost blinding. Fall is in full swing here in Utah, and I couldn't be happier about it!

Once we got to the top our friends took us on a little surprise adventure. They had been here before, and they had taken this short trail they had found which ended up leading to a lake. It was such a beautiful hike, and the lake was stunning! We couldn't find the name of the lake or hike unfortunately, but it wasn't very hard to find. It was also nice, because even though there were a lot of people up by the start of the trail, it was fairly quiet, and we didn't pass many people on our way there.

If you are looking for a pretty drive, and an easy little hike to a hidden lake, I would definitely recommend this for you! But seriously, the drive you guys. GO!

P.s- Tomorrow starts San Francisco adventures, so get ready!

Cascade Springs/ Alpine Loop

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Last weekend Zac and I went on a little mini road trip adventure to check out the Alpine Loop! I had been seeing this scenic drive posted ALL over instagram, and decided I needed to check it out myself. My goodness you guys, it was well worth it!

We started the loop in Provo (where we were led via google maps), and it seriously was like an explosion of color. I swear the only words coming out of my mouth were, "Oh my gosh look how pretty!" and "Oh my gosh, look how PRETTY!" You just couldn't help but smile at the surrounded beauty, being completely enclosed by the mountains.

We continued our little adventure which ended up in an accidental missing of a turn, and ending up in Heber. Oops. But it was fine by us! Zac had seen a road going up through the mountains that he wanted to check out, and I am so happy we did. This road led us to the dirt road of Cascade Springs which was just unreal. It was nice just taking it slow, and really enjoying everything around us. We got out countless times just to look at the stunning views! The best part is it led us right back up to the top of the Alpine Loop, and we found some awesome camping spots we want to try out in the near future along the way!

If you are craving and adventure along with stunning views I would 100% recommend driving the Alpine Loop. There are so many places to stop and enjoy the views, plus there are a bunch of random trails all over the side of the road. We were a little crunched on time, so we didn't stop to hike at all, but it is definitely something we want to do soon.

One thing we noticed is that if you come through the entrance in American Fork you have to pay $6 for a three day pass. We aren't sure if we came through some back way, or never really started on the Alpine Loop, but we somehow ended up accidentally skipping this. But $6 for a three day pass seems well worth it to me! That is just a little heads up for any of you thinking of taking the time to go explore. Especially since most places like that only take cash, and can't break anything higher than a $10 bill.

Have any of you found some fun places to explore this fall? I am making a list of all the places I want to check out this coming year so SHARE SHARE SHARE!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I swear one day I am feeling on top of the world, and that I have my life all figured out, and then the next day I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. This was my day yesterday. Does this happen to anyone else but me?

Yesterday was just a bad day for me, and when I sat back and thought about it I realized that it was all on me. I was the one stressing myself out, and for not reason at all. Do you ever have those days where you are either of sick of your job, or school, or anything really, and it is just for that day, but it is like all the sudden your head explodes, and you can't stop your thoughts from running wild? You put so much stress on finding that perfect job, or being this perfect person, and before you know it you are doing all you can not to break into a million tiny pieces? Why do we do this to ourselves?

It is ridiculous you guys. The need for being perfect, and comparing ourselves to everyone. Just days before you were thinking how lucky you are, and what a blessed life you have, and the next thing you know you have completely turned your back on that wonderful life, and instead are wasting your time trying to become someone you are not. I think we sometimes we just need to take a deep breathe, step back, and realize most of us have it pretty good, and there is just no need at all to do all this comparing and perfecting.

I guess the main point I am trying to get across is life is just too hard if your are constantly comparing yourself to others, and my goal from here on out is to change my attitude about that. Instead of being jealous of those who might be more successful than me, to instead be excited and proud for them! We should all be rooting for each other. Life isn't a competition! We should all get to CHOOSE the way we want to live without fear of not being good or glamorous enough.

Well this is the end of my rambling ladies and gentlemen. Here is to a new attitude, and to less breakdowns.

P.s- Pictures are from a Saturday adventure with my love to Bridal Veil Falls. We were driving through the Alpine Loop when we stumbled upon this beauty. It was too gorgeous not to stop and pull over to take pictures. I want to go back some day soon, and explore it a little more!

Willow Heights Trail

Friday, October 3, 2014

I don't know about you, but I would definitely consider myself a morning person. I like to be up and ready with the sun, and to get as much out of my day as I possibly can. Waking up a 9am gives me a rush of panic, and a feeling of having wasted so much of my day! Sometimes it is a little nuts, but that is just how I am. Early to bed, early to rise. I guess that is why sunset hikes and walks have really been my thing lately.

I am not talking about getting out early to watch the sunrise. I mean getting outside, and waking up with the sun as it slowly rises over the mountains. I swear it is the most peaceful part of the day, experiencing everything waking up at once. 

My bestest friend Sarah and I decided to go on a little sunrise hike adventure yesterday up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We drove the 12 ish miles up the canyon to Willow Heights Trail. I had heard mixed feelings about this trail. Some saying it wasn't worth it, and others just raving about it. I decided to check it out for myself. 

As I had been warned, the beginning of this hike was a little tough. It is a short hike altogether (only about .75 miles), but that first half is basically all up hill. It was a little challenging, but then you look up and see that you are completely surrounded by silence and aspen trees. It kind of makes up for the tough beginning.

The second half is pretty much smooth sailing. Sarah and I definitely had an interesting experience at the end. We were almost to the end, Willow Lake, when we smelt the most awful smell in all the universe! You know those smells that just seem to get stuck in your nose for always? Yeah, it was horrible. Turns out there was a half eaten elk carcass in the trees, so that was fun and a little eery. We didn't stay too long seeing as how it was probably only a couple days old, and we did NOT want to be around when whatever was eating it came back around. NO THANK YOU! 

Now I will be completely honest, and I will tell you that this lake wasn't the most impressive. It is rather small, and for some might not seem like much of a payoff for all the uphill. However, if you really take a look around you will see just how stunning it really is. Your mind starts to wander, and you can imagine deer and moose slowly making their way out of the trees in the morning, getting a morning drink with the rising sun. You realize just how quiet it is, and how undisturbed everything is. 

So if you ask me I would give this little hike a chance. Yeah, it may not have the most stunning views, but when you are up at that lake just drink in the silence. I think that alone is worth it. 

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