Things That Caught My Eye

Thursday, April 25, 2013

1. The sunshine is coming out which has me craving some citrus. (via kerry_photo)
2. Love the light, and the cheesy smile makes it that much better. (via Pinterest)
3. This photo reminds me of summer days riding your bike to the pool, and hanging out with your best friends. (via Pinterest)
4. Glamour (via Pinterest)
5. Can't wait for farmer's markets! Best part of the summer. (via Design Love Fest)
6. Isn't this gorgeous? I feel some photo shoot inspiration coming on :) (via Tumblr)
7. I. WANT. THIS. (via Anthropologie)
8. I hope that one day I can have something cool like a coffee shop on wheels! (via Flickr)

And if you are looking for some good reads, here are just a few that I have been loving lately.
  • Stephanie of Owls in My Heart and her words about the goodness of people.
  • The lovely Shelby of It Is What It Is and her perfect description of why live music is the absolute best.
  • Elise of e+w and her lovely photos that she just took with her new flash.
Oh how I just love lovely things. These are just a few things that have recently caught my eye.


  1. That swim suit looks so you. I've never met you, but that's what I think haha.

    Riding bikes to the pool and just hanging out there all day with friends is one of the things I miss the most about being a kid. All of this adult business really takes a toll on summer lovin activities.

    1. oh my goodness. you are the greatest! haha i stinkin' adore it!

      and i totally know what you mean! not enought time to just relax and enjoy the sunshine. i try to do it as much as i can though during the summer. you always need a little something in your day-to-day life that makes you feel like a kid again. my current obsession has been wanting to swing on swings. :P

  2. <3 you shelby! i really like the photo of the girl with the hair and flowers lying down, i'm gunna go follow you on pinterest stat :)

    1. oh my, you are the sweetest :) right?! i love it so much. i am thinking up a photoshoot at the moment inspired by that photograph. and good thing i also just followed you on pinterest... no big deal. haha

  3. I absolutely love all of these! especially the scarf on the second photo! and the hat on the fifth photo! AND that bathing suit!!! anthropologie always has THE best things in the world but i'm poor i can't afford 99% of their stuff *sad face*

    ++++ if i ever go to utah, can we pls have a blogger meet-up omg! and you can show me the beauties of utaaaah!

    1. right?! oh anthropologie. my mom works there, and i am still too poor to afford anything. ridiculous!!!

      uh... i would want nothing more in my life! that would be absolutely genius, and I would do my absolute best to show you some Utah beauty!!


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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