Friday, January 17, 2014

So remember how last time I said I had a surprise coming up..... TA DA!!!! New blog design everyone!! This has been in the works for some time now, and I am so pleased with how it turned out! A HUGE thank you to Natalia for all your hard work. She is awesome you guys! You can find more of her work here! She is quite the talented lady! Definitely make sure you check her out if you are looking for a new blog design.

So now for all the random things in my life! First off, school started last week! That would explain why I did not blog whatsoever last week. Still trying to get into the groove of things. It has been a year since I have been in school, sooo it is taking longer than usual. But for real, I don't think I have ever been so tired in my life!! I swear all my life consists of is working out, school, work, and homework. The saddest part of it all is that I am kind of loving it, but there needs to be a special time for blogging as well. I mean, duh!

To end an awesome first week of school, my love and I went up the canyon once again, but this time we brought snow shoes!! We had both never been snow shoeing, and we may or may not have had to look up on YouTube how to put the dang things on. Again, who knows if that happened. It was so much fun though!! Now all I want to do is go snow shoeing! I always forget how nice it is to just spend a part of your day up in the mountains, or just surrounded by nature in general. I think that is why I am getting so excited to go to COSTA RICA!! 10 days completely surrounded by nature. Does it get any better than that?!

Of course I have photos to share of our snow shoeing adventure. These pictures are a mixture of photos we both took, but I decided to edit them. I am sorry, but I am not going through and saying who took what. I don't think my love will be offended. Haha and if he is... too bad so sad. :p Just kidding, love you!
Aren't we just adorable.... Hahaha

But really, go to the mountains you  guys. Or if you don't have mountains go someplace where there is no noise. It is a wonderful and needed thing sometimes.

Alright you guys, time for more randomness. So the love and I went and saw Her this weekend.... I am sorry. I really wanted to like it, but it just didn't do much for me. I think it was incredibly creative, and I really loved the look of the movie. Other than that, it was just kind of eh. I really wanted to think differently, but I just can't. Have any of you guys seen it? What are your thoughts? I also really loved the music. The music was pretty stellar.

You guys, I am going to a concert tonight!!!! I haven't been to a concert in MONTHS! I don't know what has happened to me. I think I made my friends go to too many, and now they are all sick of them. Totally understandable. Concerts aren't for everyone. I am going to see two of my favorite local bands at the moment, Strange Family and The National Parks. Some of you may have heard The National Parks before. They got pretty high on the charts on iTunes for a while there. I don't know where they are currently at. Strange Family doesn't have any music out right now that I know of, but The National Parks released their new album on iTunes. CHECK IT OUT!!! It is amazing!

I think that is it for me today. Life is going pretty great as of late. I have nothing to complain about. This weekend I am hoping will be full of exploring FILM once again. I ordered some film off of amazon a couple days ago, and got it in the mail yesterday. So beyond stoked you guys!! Hopefully that will be something to share soon with all of you :)

You guys are wonderful! Have a great weekend!


  1. hi, you guys are SO STINKIN adorable! ohmygosh.

  2. oh, and also i love the new blog layout! super creative and cute!

  3. OMG STAHP Can I just date the two of you. Forever. I just noticed the little home logo at the bottom of your blog. Get out of town. Cutest design. It's so perfect for you. Now all I wanna do is snowshoe.

    I'm so sad you didn't like Her! I loved the movie! It really stuck with me and made me think. Probably because in one of my classes we are talking about artificial intelligence and stuff. And just watching Samantha discover emotions... it was so beautiful I cried the whole time haha.


  4. Oh mylanta! The new blog design is perfect. I am obsessed with it!

  5. Your new layout is AMAZING!!!!!!! So so so so so so so so cute! Also, you and your boyfriend are so stinkin' adorable. Seriously! I'm so jealous of the amazing snowy mountains you get to be in!!!! I really wanted it to snow in the mtns here but it's been too hot! Can you believe it's been in the 80s?! What the heck, California! Anyways, I'm so sorry I havent responded to your letter. It takes me forever to sit down and write (although..look at what I'm doing now! ha!). I'll try to send it soon! I can't wait to hear about your costa rica adventures! (Wish I was going!)

  6. I love this layout, it's so nice! looks like a great adventure, and Costa Rica?!? that sounds amazing. can't wait to see what you have in store for film as well xxx

    Little Blue Backpack


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