San Francisco: Part One

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As some of you may know from my Instagram, the love and I decided to take a spontaneous road trip over to the wonderful (and WARM) San Francisco. Seriously though, this was the most random thing that has probably ever happened to me. The conversation went something like this.

Friday afternoon

Me: I want to take pictures this weekend. I wish I could go to San Fran
Love: We totally should. Maybe we could go next weekend. 
Me: Really?! This weekend would actually be perfect, because I don't have work on Monday
Love: Okay! Let's leave tomorrow!
Me: Okay!!!

Saturday Morning

Get in the car at 8am, and start driving to San Fran

So obviously there was a little more conversation and planning, but you get the main idea. We packed up for a short weekend in San Fran, and were off!

I decided mid-way through the car ride that I didn't want to use my big, hefty camera the entire trip. Mainly because this whole thing started because I wanted to take some film pictures, so I decided to stick with that. You guys... I am a little obsessed with film, and I am obsessed with the pictures that came out of it. My camera has the most wonderful light leak that I just adore to pieces! I am not sharing the film today, because of course, I ended up taking a billion pictures with my phone. Don't judge me! I figured I needed to get these out of the way. So yeah, enjoy!
First stop was Baker beach. I seriously couldn't have thought of a more perfect mid-morning stroll. The beach was scattered with fishermen, couples sitting in the sand, and morning runners. Oh, and can't forget about all the furry friends splashing their way down the beach. It had such a pretty view of the Golden Gate Bridge as well! Gah! I could have stayed there for hours!
After this we decided to venture into the city. First stop, china town! Actually, first stop was this awesome bookstore on the way to china town, but I don't have any pictures of it. Sorry!
Then off to the piers...
And that is basically all I took for the first day. We were there for only a short weekend (3 days), so this was our only full day. The day we left to go home we spent the morning traveling over the Golden Gate Bridge to go see Muir beach which was SOOO worth the trip. Seriously, it was such a stunning beach just tucked away into the mountains. Also, such a pretty drive there!
So there you have it. There is bits and pieces of San Fran from the eye of my iPhone. But really, I am so beyond stoked to share the film shots with you. Stay tuned for that!

Until then, I decided to share some random snapshots taken by my love that I just loved and decided to edit. He is quite wonderful at what he does. I love seeing his take on things, and to see how we take similar pictures differently. So enjoy some of his wonderful shots as well!
(Didn't edit this one)
This was actually taken in Winnemucca, Nevada. We decided to stop here for lunch on the way there, and it ended up being a cool little town. We took a stroll after lunch and happened upon this beauty of a church. I with my church looked like this!

So there are some photos from recent adventures. I hope you all enjoy! I just wanted to thank all of you for leaving such kind comments all the time. It seriously makes my day, and I just love you guys! I try my hardest to get back to you, but school has been getting in the way of that. Just know that I read and appreciate every comment I receive, and you guys are seriously just the absolute best. Thank you, and thank you for taking the time to read my random thoughts, and look at my crazy pictures. It means the world!



  1. ok YOU are PERFECT, and you guys are perfect together, these pictures are perfect, san francisco is magical, and looking at this pictures made me morning!

  2. You are seriously so sweet! Thank you :) San Francisco really is magical. I just don't get sick of it!

  3. I love you. I love you. I love you. I miss you. I love you. STOP BEING THE CUTEST COUPLE. Literally I had a talk with my roommates about you last night and how you two are the cutest couple of the century. I wanna take pictures with you sooooon. Also just see your face.

    1. hahahah!!! stop it! Thursday girl, we are hanging out!!!!

  4. Love it! I envy the spontaneity of this trip! Doing things like that makes me so nervous haha. Love the pictures and your coupleship. And all of your clothes. Teach me to be cute.

    1. uh i literally have no idea how to be cute. i just put clothes on, and hope that they match half the time. hahah so there is that! and it made me nervous to, but we just decided to go for it, and soooo glad we did :)

  5. Looks like the perfect weekend getaway! Spontaneous trips, I find, usually hold the most meaning and memories. So happy you had such a beautiful trip and thanks for sharing - the photos are lovely !


    1. they really do. that is was kind of a deciding factor in us going. we knew we would remember it forever.

  6. You have single-handedly gotten me excited for my travels again. Some day it's bloody tedious saving especially when I've never done it in my life. But man, these photos. This energy! You look like you had a ball! Eeeee!


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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