Saturday, March 22, 2014

So a couple of weeks ago Zac and I went to Moab for the weekend as most of you probably saw through my Instagram. I decided that instead of basically posting the same pictures from my Instagram here, I would wait to get my film developed. Yeah, that's right! Remember that film I never finished back when we took our spontaneous road trip to San Fran? Well I finished the roll in Moab, so prepare yourselves!

I thought that I would first share the remaining San Fran pictures, mainly because looking at them makes me so happy, and it's about time I shared them. These are from our last day there when we went over to Muir beach. It's just a little beach, but it was so stunning. The drive was sooo beyond beautiful, and looking at these makes me want to get back there as soon as I can.
Not exactly sure what happened here, but I'll take it. Haha
Back when I had longer hair.. YIKES!

And we end with a view..

I know I say it every time, but come on THAT LIGHT LEAK! I die. I seriously just love film. I love how raw, and natural it is. That is why I refuse to edit them. It takes away from the pureness of it all. I will be back soon with some pictures of Moab!


  1. Love the first shot, You've got to love a good light leak, I've started experimenting and purposely opening the back of my camera to create light leaks, so far so good :) That beach looks stunning!

  2. in love with all of these, especially those last two. amazing.

  3. SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy you shared these. They're so full of light and warmth.


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