Saturday, March 22, 2014

Alright, so I'm posting twice in one day. Is there some kind of rule about not doing that? Oh well, my blog right? You guys, Moab... I have lived in Utah basically my entire life, and I have NEVER been to Moab until two weeks ago. Living in Utah you see all the pictures of everyone spending their breaks there with family and friends. It is just part of living here, so whenever I told people I had never been they usually proceeded to freak out. Well guess what guys? I WENT! And it was more beautiful than any photograph could ever represent. It just has such a cool atmosphere about it. Everyone there is just so happy, and loving life. It just makes you want to never leave!

Here are a couple photos I took while our short little weekend there. I promise these pictures do it no justice.
Do you see that tiny little human under the arch?
Now do you see that tiny little human REPELLING off of the gigantic arch?!
Excuse the face I am making in this picture.. I'm not really sure what is happening! 

And I end with a fossilized dinosaur foot print.... legit!!  


  1. love love love! Wow I would love to visit there, little bit of a trek from little old UK just for the weekend though hehe. Amazing photos especially the one arch, I can't believe how big it is! and a dinosaur foot print!?? So cool!

  2. you guys are THE cutest couple in the entire world. also, i have never been to moab either!! these pictures make me want to jump in my car & head there stat. that sky is amazing!!

  3. Oh, my these pictures are stunning! This place looks like it would be so much fun to explore!

  4. moab really is a magical place! and these photos are beautiful! :)

  5. these photos are GORGEOUS! officially adding moab to my bucket list.


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