Monday, December 3, 2012

Ok, so pretty much Florence Welch is unreal. Like seriously, I wish I could be her. Her voice blows my mind, so please enjoy this song because it is fantastic.
So today has been a weird day. I think my mind is just a jumbled mess due to finals being next week, but I have been doing a lot of thinking today about coincidences. Lets just say a few things that could be called coincidences have happened today. It involves a person. That is all the detail you get. Haha
I  don't believe in coincidences. I guess a better way to put it is I believe that things happen for a reason. I also believe that if something continues to keep happen, that you should do something about it. So yeah, I don't think things are just coincidence. I don't think that things continue to happen over and over for no apparent reason at all. I don't really know where I am going with this. I guess what I am trying to figure out right now is what I am going to do about this recurring coincidence that I don't think is a coincidence at all. Do I act on it, or do I leave it up to chance? The only thing about this particular situation is my time window to act on it ends tomorrow afternoon. Talk about pressure! And I'm sure it will consume all my thoughts today, so studying is going to be impossible.
As I have tried to decide what to do, I have had to think about what I believe in. So like I said, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe in serendipity. Because of these two things, I have an idea of how I want to handle this situation. It scares the crap out of me, but if I put a little into the situation hopefully something good will come out of it. I guess we will see. I will keep you updated!
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. omg!!! i love florence too!! :D her voice and her over all look is just so ethereal!! :D

    happy monday!

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    I'm just assuming this is about a boy because I'm a walking gender stereotype.

    And gurrrrl Florence Welch is a goddess. A GODDESS. I don't go a day without listening to Florence + the Machine at least for a little bit. Have you seen them live? Incredible.

    1. HAHA! This comment has made my day. I didn't ask him out, because I am a weenie. Oh well.

      Oh my word I want to see them live so so bad! I wish I could have gone to see a show when Grouplove was touring with them. I would have died! Mind would have been blown.


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