I'm Alright (It's Heavy)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So pretty much I have been a complete slacker, but once finals ended I didn't have the energy to do anything. I am back though, so yay. I am going to pick up with having Music Monday on a Tuesday. I don't care if it doesn't make sense. I am doing it.

Two weeks ago I went to a show at Kilby Court with some friends. We went to see The North Valley of course, but also Holy Water Buffalo was playing. You guys... Holy Water Buffalo. These guys are seriously amazing, so I decided to pick one of their songs for today.

These guys really know how to put on a show. I had known who they were prior to this concert, so I was so stoked to see them live. It is always cool to see local bands perform. They really are a neat group of guys. I was kind of blown away by them. Once they started playing I knew I would have to leave soon because it was snowing like crazy and the roads were a mess, but I just couldn't leave. They are one of those bands were like every single song is your favorite. This song is one of my favorites, but my all time favorite is "Better Kind of Love." I suck at the internet, and couldn't find a recording of it so you get to listen to a live version I found. Yay!

They didn't play this song at the show I saw, but hopefully I will get to see it live someday. Isn't their hair just fantastic?! I don't know what it is about long hair. It is just fantastic.

Well, hopefully you enjoy these guys. I bought their music on itunes, so definitely go check it out! You won't be disappointed I promise.

This past weekend was my birthday, so I have been having all sorts of fun! I dragged all my girlfriends to Provo to go see The North Valley play at Muse Music Cafe (which is one of my favorite places). There was seriously like 15 people MAYBE which I thought was awesome. I am sure they guys probably would have wanted more people, but I still had a blast. They played a new song which was FANTASTIC, and they even sang my happy birthday. How awesome is that? These guys really are so awesome, and I have had so much fun the last month going to their shows and getting to know them a little bit. I know these guys are going to do great things for the music world, and it is cool to watch it all play out.

I really had the best birthday ever you guys. Hanging out with friends, making new ones, and spending some much needed time with my family. It was seriously one of the best birthdays ever. Thank you everyone who made it awesome. I seriously have the best friends and family out there. You should be jealous.

Happy Tuesday!

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