College Street Style: Sara

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So I was lucky enough to meet with the lovely Sara for this weeks college street style photo extravaganza. It seriously was so fantastic. We only met for a couple minutes, but Sara is for real one of my favorite humans. She is just hilarious. I think you will be able to tell that from the photos. Here is the lovely Sara.
Name: Sara
Major: Journalism with a Minor in Film and Media Arts
What do you like to wear?
"I like to wear skirts, dresses, and colorful tights."
What or who inspires your style?
"My inspiration is the old days when ladies were ladies, and I try to stand by that lifestyle. I only wear jeans on bad days. I couldn't care less about name brands. The cheaper it is, the more stoked I am to wear it. Otherwise I get nervous it will get ruined, and it sits in my closet. Except my Steve Madden boots. Best hundred bucks I ever spent."
Taking pictures of Sara was by far the most fun I have had since starting this. She was the only one that just went crazy, and it turned out brilliant. I also found my favorite spot on campus for pictures! Whoo!! I have realized that I have only had girls do this post, but don't you worry! I have got it covered.
This week has pretty much been insane so far, and it is only Tuesday. I am seriously going crazy. I feel like my brain has completely turned to mush. There is soo much to do! I just need to get through this week, and then life will be better again. Finals suck. I need to do some yoga. At least I have a fun weekend planned. Of course the definition of a fun weekend in my book includes CONCERTS! Heck yeah! I took a little break from my concert going last weekend, so I am ready to get back into the swing of things.
I am FINALLY getting a haircut this weekend, and I couldn't be more thrilled! It is seriously time. My hair is beyond crazy right now. I have got a "natural" ombre going on right now, and lets just say it isn't pretty. This appointment is much needed. I am seriously losing my mind over this dang hair. I don't really know what to do with it. It is at one of those awkward stages currently. It will almost be fixed!
Well happy studying to all of you that still have finals just around the corner. For those of you who don't have finals... you suck.
Happy Tuesday.


  1. You FOR REAL approach strangers and ask to take their pictures!?!?? That's AMAZING. On my "22 before 21" list I have taking a picture of a nicely dressed college student on campus but so far I'm just too much of a wuss! She sure is adorable though and I LOVE her hair. How does she curl it so perfectly!? I love.

    1. I haven't approached a complete stranger just yet, but I plan on it! I am trying to get a few more posts just tel get the feel of what I really want. It has been so fun though! You should DEF try it out! I am no good at taking pictures of my own outfits, so I figured I would take pictures of other people's outfits. Haha
      And I have no idea how she gets her hair so perfect! Her hair is always awesome!

  2. Wow, Sarah definitely seems like a bubbly and fun person. Wish I got to meet her too! Good luck with finals. And your haircut!


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