College Street Style: Kramer

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So remember how last week I said that I had only done girls so far, but that I had it covered. This is what I meant by that. This is Kramer everyone. So remember that band The North Valley that I may have seen once or twice... Well he is the pianist. How awesome is that!
Name: Kramer
Major: Biomedical Engineering (possible double major in philosophy... I think)
What do you like to wear?
"Skinny jeans mostly. Lots of blacks, browns, and toned down earth color. I basically wear this same leather jacket everyday, and I wear a lot of cardigans."
Who or what inspires your style?
"Probably bands, actually. Not music wise, but style wise like The Strokes or The Black Keys. You know like lots of city looking stuff, but then every once in a while I'll wear like a flannel."
Isn't his style freaking awesome you guys? Another reason I like these North Valley guys. Their style is fantastic if you couldn't tell by Kramer alone. Just sayin'. A big thanks to Kramer for being the first guy on here, and for being willing to meet with pretty much a complete stranger! I had the most wonderful time getting to talk to you, and I will see you and the other guys at your next show. Not like I go to all of them or anything... because that would be weird. Oops.
Finals are officially OVER for me. I am so happy I could probably cry. To celebrate, I have some awesome concerts I plan on going to later this week. Any Eli Whitney or Officer Jenny fans out there? I sure hope so, because that would just be sad. Also, it is my birthday this weekend! Whoo! I have no clue what I am going to do, but hopefully there will be some awesome shows once the weekend rolls around. Wouldn't want to spend my birthday any other way.
I think it is time to post more Instagram photos. I am only doing this because I have failed to tell you about my weekend, and this will help me remember. Yeah...
  1. Let's just say the stress of finals was getting to me.
  2. My friend Kelly got married! Still not sure how I feel about people my age getting married, but it was kind of the cutest wedding ever. She had a milk and cookie bar. Uh, yes please!
  3. Thank you Blue Star for being the only source of energy I had all week.
  4. What I have to look forward to this lovely Christmas break! And there is more on the way!
  1. This is what I do when I get bored at work... play with army men.
  2. Oh yeah. I changed my hair. It is brown now.
  3. I might have gone to see The North Valley again this weekend... Don't judge me!
Have a lovely Tuesday everyone! 
P.s- This will be the last College Street Style post for the year. Sad day I know. I will try to come up with something else for the next little while. Maybe some style posts on myself... I make not promises!


  1. I am kinda in love with you right now. Just saying. I can't help it.
    Ps. 2 days to Utah!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha I love you! Your snapchat... I was dying! I can't wait to see you! Get home already! New York has had you for WAY to long.

  2. Cool idea doing college street style looks!


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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