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Thursday, March 7, 2013

So basically I can't even remember the last time I uploaded my Instagram photos on here... so here is just a dump of Insta photos. There are probably more that you haven't seen, but I am just going to go back a month. I think that is a good start. Haha We are going to break this up into two parts.
Part One:
From the top going left to right..
1. 2:13's at Kilby Court. One of their best show.
2. The North Valley at Kilby Court. There best show I have EVER gone to.
3. This books is all sorts of marvelous.
4. I may have spent a little too much time at the library.
5. My kids are artists. We achieved this masterpiece with paint-filled eggs.
6. Steak, eggs, and fries= Super Bowl Food!
7. Our team lost the Super Bowl, but it's all good.
8. Photography class
9. Lovely shoot with the amazing Emily.
10. Little brother's birthday.
11. One of our kids actually thought we wouldn't notice this "note" from a "teacher"... hahaha
12. Itchin' to learn how to skateboard.
13. Happy Valentine's Day!
14. Audrey marathon.
15. Learning how to skateboard from the master.

Part Two:
1. Another picture of the skateboarding master.
2. First bike ride since the fall!
3. Going through the drive-thru ATM.. on foot.
4. Our faces after a CRAZY night.
5. Saying good-bye to my best friend for 18 months!
6. Desert Noises absolutely KILLING it at Kilby Court.
7. Field trip with the kiddos. Chocolate factory :)
8. Little brother gets his mission call soon! Where will he go?
9. Too much fun with Bianca, and seeing if we look good with our celebrity crush... This is what we choose to do in our free time.
10. Happy birthday to my other little brother!

I am going to try to be better when it comes to some Insta-goodness. Hopefully the rest of the time things will look more like part two! You can follow me on Instagram @shelbyrichins

Do any of you lovely ladies have Instagram? I would love to follow along! Just leave your name in the comments! Let's spread the Insta-love!


  1. I went to a chocolate factory when I lived in Seattle for Theo Chocolate omg it was A-mazing!

    Ali of

  2. oh my word that sounds amazing! there really is just something about a chocolate factory that makes you feel like a kid again. haha

  3. looks like you've been busy!


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