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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I figured since I have been a little absent lately, I would catch everyone up on what I have been up to the last weekend or two. Well first off, skateboarding. My friend Paige and I have taken up skateboarding/ rollerblading at the park as a fun new summer hobby. Basically, it has been the absolute best, and I can stand on the board without falling on my face now. Success!
Other than that I have been taken complete advantage of summer concerts! Last weekend I dragged my friend Kayla to Battle of the Bands down in Provo. I seriously was soo amazed by the talent at this thing. Seriously unreal. I went down there to meet a friend/ listen to his new band. The story of  how I met this wonderfully talented sir is a complicated one, but trust me.. his band is AMAZING! And the band members may or may not be quite handsome. Just sayin'

Anyways, the bands name is Strange Family. I definitely recommend looking them up on Facebook! But seriously, soooo good you guys! And I go to a lot of concerts!

So that was last weekend. This weekend was also a fun one! I got to see probably my all time favorite local band, Holy Water Buffalo, play at the Utah Arts Festival. It was soo much fun. The arts festival is one of my favorite things about summer, and I always look forward to it. There are some pretty talented people here in good ol' Utah, and I am always amazed at the talent and creativity there. This year there were dancers that danced on the side of a glass building. It was seriously incredible! I wish I could explain it better.

Anyways, Holy Water Buffalo was fantastic as always. It definitely turned into an interesting night when some unexpected people showed up at the front of the stage, but other than that it was a normal outing. It was also my first outdoor concert of the summer! Whooo! Hopefully there are many more to come.
Now for Friday. I got to go to Lagoon, and it was magical. Alright, maybe not magical, but it was pretty fantastic. I LOVE amusement parks. I could spend all day in one, although I did find out that I am turning into a grandma and have to take some kind of pain med before I start going on rides. Seriously though, first ride in and I had a head ache. When did this happen?! But yeah, it was great fun.

Best part of it all.. there was literally a group of four boys that looked IDENTICAL to One Direction. I am not joking you guys. IDENTICAL!!! We saw them around the park all day, and I think I had a connection with the Harry look-a-like. We totally looked at each other, and it was magical. Even if he was like 12 years old. Not really, but might as well have been.

We definitely rode a ride with them though, and now I can say I rode a ride with One Direction dopplegangers. Basically as cool as it gets.

My brother/cousin/friends also talked me into going on the ferris wheel.
Don't ask me why I didn't think about my extreme fear of heights before getting on this thing. Let's just say there was a lot of screaming and threatening to jump out.. maybe.

Anyone have anything fun happen over the weekend?


  1. OOOOH unexpected concert guests got a shout out on my blog too :)

    "Fancy seeing you here. Care to defend my honor?"

  2. That picture of you with the skateboard is so cute! I love it. And your hair. It's great.

    I freaking love Lagoon, I'm so jealous. Everyone I talk to thinks it's so lame and ghetto. Glad you like it too.

    1. oh my goodness! first off, thank you so much! :) second, i LOVE Lagoon! it is so much fun!!

  3. My Friend garret is in strange family! They are so great!
    I got to see them play last weekend!
    And I'm super jealous of your skateboarding skills,
    ha i'm not coordinated enough!

    1. NO WAY!! That is so awesome :) yeah, they are awesome! and believe me, i have no skateboarding skills. it is a miracle i don't crash and burn every time i step on that thing. hahaha

  4. This is a marvelous "life lately". Life should be spent at concerts and at Lagoon.


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