Wednesday, June 12, 2013

But like seriously though, is there anything better than summer?? I always think that fall or spring are my favorite times of the year, but somehow it's summer I am always craving. I think with summer there comes a sense of freedom. The freedom of time to stay out late with friends, walking the streets or hanging at the park. The freedom to be outside in the night time with the warm air and cool breeze. The freedom of a new season and a new story. 

I feel like summer has already started off great! Days and nights (mostly nights) spent walking around with friends, playing tennis (even though you don't know how to), kicking a soccer ball around, deep conversations, farmers markets, flirting, going to outdoor concerts, meeting new people, skateboarding, swinging, witnessing drug deals (for real, it happened), driving with the windows down, blasting music, juggling (but not really), playing with exercise balls, riding bikes that or too small (or big), ice cream, pool days... the list goes on! 
I will try a lot harder to take some pictures of my summer shenanigans. But I'm telling you know... I have a good feeling about this summer. I think it is going to be a summer to remember. 
Now I will leave you with some pretty summer-like photos that are not mine, because I have zero so yeah... 

As usual I am no good at narrowing things down.. so I apologize for the large quantity of pictures. Aren't they lovely though??

What are some of your favorite summer time traditions/activities/shenanigans??


  1. One summer, my favorite summer, I struck up a friendship with two random girls from school. We were together almost daily all summer long, and we would jump off the Lehi bridge pretty much all of those days. The water was disgusting, and turned our swimsuits green, but we didn't even care. We jumped and swam and laid out, got brown. Then stopped for slurpies and fast food on the way home.

    Now none of us really talk to each other anymore. Weird how that happens, isn't it?

    But still, best summer of my life! I agree. It's that feeling of freedom, of anything could happen tonight. I don't know what it is. Summer is just a very romantic season.

    1. I love this. Aren't those just some of the best memories though?! Just remembering doing nothing but hanging out with friends, and being crazy. And also, just not caring. I think sometime it is refreshing to just not give a crap. Haha you are right though. I love the thought of that anything could happen, and it truly is a romantic season.

  2. I have that same feeling. I've already had some incredible times with my friends. It's an enchanting season.

    Love the photos, especially the last one! So much fun.

    1. "It's an enchanting season."
      Couldn't agree more lovely lady!

  3. Same. I adore the Spring and Fall. Those seasons always make me feel so contemplative. I seem to forget how much I love summer until it's here and ending much too fast. Summer is freedom. It makes me want to relax and lay down outside and just breathe. I get lost in my own head a lot and summer helps clear that up.

    My best summer was the summer before college. I didn't have to work and my two best friends spent every night together talking on my driveway from midnight to 6 AM. I'm serious. Every. Night. It was amazing. So free and young.

    Thank you for this post today and reminding me how much I love summer.


    1. That sounds amazing! I want to do that! What a fun summer girl!


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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