Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I just want to first thank all of you for your sweet comments on my last post. I seriously am so unbelievably grateful for the blogging community. You guys show so much support, and I am so lucky to call so many of you my friends. It seriously means the world.

Since that last post, I have really had to just sit down, and think about what would be best for me at this time. Life has a way of becoming completely overwhelming all at once, so my goal has been to live on day at a time, and to find things that can clear my head. Of course, the first thing I thought was to spend more time in the mountains.

Utah has the most amazing mountains in the whole entire world, I am sure of it. There is no better place to go when you just want to clear your mind, and start over. My goal is to try and find my way into nature a couple times a week, so I can clear my head, and maybe write a little. There is nothing better than wandering into the mountains with a notebook in hand. I promise.

I have been so inspired by the lovely Nataly of art fawn. She is constantly exploring CA, and posting the most lovely pictures along the way. I want to be like that. I want that desire to explore again. Not just the city, but everything around me. I have said it before, but I constantly take for granted this beautiful state I live in, and all it has to offer. People travel from all around the world to come here, and I am ashamed that I spend so much of my time sitting around, and just being lazy. It is time to get exploring!

Something else that I have taken to trying due to the lovely Nataly is "the month of new". Basically, it is a goal to try or do something you wouldn't normally do every single day for the month of September. So far it has been such a good reminder to break out of the normal day routine, or just give something new a try. It can be anything! Either something I am usually too lazy to do, or something I might be scared of trying. I love that it has only been three days into this new goal, and I already feel like I am accomplishing things. If you want to be a part of this, go read the lovely words of Nataly herself here. She explains it a lot better than I do.

As usual, this has just been a lot of rambling, but that is kind of what usually ends up happening when I am given the freedom to write whatever I want. Oops. I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend, and is ready for the start of a new week! Maybe I will actually post more than once this week. I make no promises...

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  1. I love you so so so much, Shelby!!!! I'm so glad we're friends (and one day we WILL meet!). Please please please explore Utah and post pictures. Honestly, Utah is on my top 5 places I'm dying to visit and I'd love to live vicariously through you ;)

    And I'm so glad you're also doing the September thing!!! Yay!!!! So so happy right now xoxox

    P. S. it's okay..I'm so lazy sometimes when it comes to letter writing. I love it but sometimes it takes a little push to get my bum out of the door and to the post office hehehe

    1. lady, it is happening! i don't know when, but i am determined to either plan a road trip to LA, or force you to come here! hehe i am going to do my absolute best to take more pictures here. i am so bad at remembering. i am constantly taking pictures with my phone, but not my real camera. i need to break out of that habit.

      and this September thing... seriously the greatest thing on the planet!

  2. i need to do more of this, i think. say yes to things i'd normally probably say no to. to quit slacking, and get it done.

    1. do it lady! i have been pleasantly surprised at how much more i enjoy my days by trying this. i just feel accomplished every day.

  3. Gahh. I completely agree. I wanted to drive up to Tibble Fork and float on a floatie in the water. Or fish again. Did I? No. Such a good reminder, to just go and do something. Even a walk is so refreshing, and I recently read an article about how being in nature makes people very happy. It only makes sense.

    1. ooo do you have this article?! i want to read it. and you are soo right! even just a walk can change your outlook on your day.

  4. I am literally obsessed with you. I loved hanging with you this last week. Let's do it again always and forever. Hey. come live with me in Salt Lake. I am 109824912% serious. Like really. You don't even know. How. Serious. Shelby.




    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. i seriously had so much fun Emma, you don't even know!! like i want to do that all the time. we have dang good conversation. and uh, moving out with you... girl, you know i am so in. as soon as i get my life figured out lets do it. still not sure about the mission. if it doesn't end up happening, then we are moving out like asap! oh, and bianca wants to join us, sooo yeah.

    2. I am 10000000000% serious here. Jump. on. it.


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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