Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do you ever have phases where all you want to do is get all dressed up, and go out somewhere?! Maybe it's just me... I just want so badly to dress up all fancy like (preferably in something sparkly, or whatever) and go out for a night on the town. It just sounds wonderful. I hope I am not crazy, and am the only person who thinks about that... but probably. Whatever. Life.

I probably need a night like this though considering I just spent my night devouring a bowl of popcorn while crying over all the spectacular dances performed on the So You Think You Can Dance finale. Whatever. Not even sorry. And Travis Wall, please marry me, because you are a stunning human, and you choreographed one of the most incredible dance performances I have ever seen in my entire life. CAN'T EVEN HANDLE YOU! If you don't believe me, feast your eyes on this..

I mean, are you serious?! That just isn't even real!!! Can't get over it, so I will just watch it 84 times, and sob.

Also, my car broke down yesterday.... so that is good.


  1. Travis Wall is the perfect human. And also LET'S GO OUT ON A FANCY SPARKLY LADY DATE!!!!!!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. I don't watch sytycd all that often. For the very reason that it makes me cry and I feel ridiculous! Okay, also I don't have cable. But what the crap? Who knew dances could be so moving!


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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