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Monday, May 13, 2013

1. Amen. (via Tumblr)
2. Watermelon! I feel like summer doesn't officially start until you have something watermelon. (via Pinterest)
3. Rope swings. Another summer favorite.  (via Many Random Musings)
4. This light! (via Flickr)
5. Just reminds me of summer.. do you see a pattern developing? (via Tumblr)
6. I want to be cool enough to dress like this! (via Pinterest)
7. Some words to think about.. I still want one of these. (via Tumblr)
8. I still want one of these. Like more than anything.  (via Tumblr)
9. Because I love here.. duh!  (via Pinterest)
10. Free..  (via we heart it)


Emma's PERFECT post on Gatsby. Like literally, these might be the best most passionate post I have ever read. If you are a Gatsby fan check it out here. If you are not a Gatsby fan.. read it anyway. I am serious. This lady has a way with words.

The cutest engagement story EVER! You guys, it involves a puppy..



  1. Aww thanks for including my post :) It means the world to me.

  2. t swift is perfffffffffffff.
    i dream about replacing our mirror like that first picture.

  3. Hiiiiiiii! Just found your blog and am now following :) I am enjoying it all so far! I love these photos. I am growing watermelon this year and I absolutely share your opinion on them. I can't wait for the summer's first slice :)

    Hope you have a loverly day!

    1. Oh my goodness, you are so sweet!! thank you so much. i love that there are people out there that like to read this silly thing. it means the world to me! :) i am also planning on growing some watermelon this year! can't wait!


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