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Sunday, October 14, 2012

There seriously are just too many things to love about fall. It is just the perfect season. Plus, it is the season that Halloween takes place in, and I am pretty sure Halloween is my ALL TIME favorite holiday.
 One of my absolute favorite fall activities is carving pumpkins! So... that is what I did yesterday. Whoo! I got a call from Bianca asking if I would like to join her and a couple of her friends for the fall festivities of pumpkin carving. Of course I couldn't say no! So I hopped in my car and was off.
I knew immediately what I wanted to carve into my pumpkin. I feel like I should give you some background. I have a twitter. Yeah, I never thought that would happen, but an evil- doer (aka Bianca) convinced me to get one. All it took was showing all the insanely hilarious people on that thing. It sadly didn't take much. I am ashamed. Anyway, I follow Matthew Gray Gubler who just happens to post the most entertaining pictures of all time, and is quite hilarious. So it turns out he is kind of an artist. Who knew!? Mr. Gubler also enjoys Halloween, so he made his very own Gublerween t-shirt with his very own Gublerween design. Here it is.
Meet "Mr. Skeleton Head"
I kind of felt like I had no choice but to carve Mr. Skeleton Head in my pumpkin. One reason being I was one of the lucky people that actually purchased the limited edition Gublerween before they sold out... in less than a day. Yes, I do feel pretty cool! Anyway, here is my version of Mr. Skeleton Head!

Pretty awesome right?! I am pretty proud of it. It is just a little guy pumpkin, but it now sits proudly on my desk. I can see it right now. It is so cute. Even if I spilled candle wax all in the inside. Oops..
It was quite the fun night! It included roasting pumpkin seeds, eating pumpkin pie, and making new friends.
Have any of you done a post on your awesome pumpkin carvings?!?
Happy Sunday everyone.
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The amazing Gube shot was found here. Unfortunately, the awesome shirt is sold out, but he has some more awesome things in his shop. Check it out!

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