Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sorry for the break. Life has been a little crazy at the moment. You think I would have more time to blog since I have been on fall break, but that didn't happen. Not because I have been particularly busy. I just haven't felt like blogging. Instead, I have spent my time watching way to many episodes of Criminal Minds, discovering that Matthew Gray Gubler is the perfect human, finding an AMAZING mini series on youtube called The Beauty Inside, comforting friends, and listening to music. I wish I could say that I am ashamed, but I am not. Also, if you don't know who Matthew Gray Gubler is... first off, shame on you! Here he is.
Yup... he is the perfect human.
Anways, Bianca and I pretty much failed to complete anything on our fall break "to do" list. Yeah we pretty much suck. Oh well. We did get to go to Logan though! It was a much needed break. I just adore Logan to pieces, and always have a good time up there. I took some pictures in the car... Yeah I really just fail. Haha

Yes, I realize that is probably the ugliest picture of my friend and I on the planet, but I really don't even care. It was the only one I took of both of us, so that is what you get. Sorry Bianca. We know no one reads this anyway. Hahaha!
Happy Saturday!
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