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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alrighty, I think it is about time for some new blog favorites! I am constantly finding new and amazing blogs to follow. Here are three of my favorites at the moment!
Well there you have it. Give all three of those lovely ladies a visit. I think the one thing I love most about different bloggers is you find people that really have so much in common with you. It is so interesting to be reading something, and it almost feels like you wrote it yourself. I love this because I have a hard time voicing my thoughts through simple text. It amazes me seeing these girls that are exactly like me that can write so beautifully. I just read these things and think, "That is exactly how I have been feeling!" I just don't know how to get it across so effortlessly. I think it is because I get side tracked pretty easily. I have all these thoughts in my head, but I have no idea how to form the thoughts into sentences that actually make sense.
I hope that I can get the hang of this blogging thing, so that eventually I can get my point across more clearly. I feel like so far I have been a little boring. This thing is supposed to be about my day-to-day life, but I rarely write about stuff like that. I am making a goal to be more honest with my writing. The thoughts that go through my head on a constant basis. Get ready for some randomness up in here! I think my problem is I always forget that I haven't blogged for like four days, so I hurry and put something together in order to just get something new on the blog. So the things so far haven't really been me.
I think another problem has been the fact that I just completely started over with blogging. I had my other blog I Would Like To Call It Beautiful for about a year. I kind of developed myself on that blog. I think I have forgotten that a lot of you that are reading this now are first time readers, so you don't know me. I just kind of carried on from my last blog, and I figured everyone knew who I was already. It is kind of hard to completely restart. I just never really thought about it. So my bad!
I guess I will start right now! Like right this second. Here comes the randomness!
I am kind of an oddball. I am really shy around people I don't know, unless I am with people that I do know... Does that make any sense? Like, I am fine hanging out with new people as long as I have someone I know really well with me, but I cannot for the life of me make conversation with someone I don't know if I am alone. It is really frustrating. I don't know why I am that way. I would like to think that I don't care what other people think about me, but the truth is I think everyone cares a little. I must care more than I thought. I don't really know. I believe in always being 100% me. I really feel like I don't care what people think of me. I think I am more scared of feeling like I am bothering people. I do NOT want to be a bother. I am scared of just going up to people and starting conversation, because I feel like I am being a bother to them. The only time I am really around people my age is when I am at school. When I am at school I am scared to go up to people just sitting in the library cafe, because I feel like they must be doing homework or something so I don't want to bug them so they can't do their homework! At the same time, when I am in the library I RARELY am doing homework! Haha I guess I just like to think that everyone else is a better student than me, and they are doing their homework. In all reality, most of them are probably doing the exact same thing I am... which is absolutely nothing!
I think I might tell myself that people are busy doing homework because then it doesn't put pressure on me to talk to them. I am so awful! Haha This is why I have been trying to do the whole College Street/Bike Style. After my first experience with Hannah, I realized I am a lot more comfortable when I am behind the lens. I don't really know why. It just kind of happened that way I guess. I am going to be honest, I wanted to start this series with the chance of making friends, but I think what this is going to do for me is push me out of my comfort zone, and force me to make conversation with people. Who knows if I will make friends or not, but at least I will be socializing with people my own age.
Wow, that really makes me sound like I am a loner that sits in my room and watches Criminal Minds all day. Haha I have friends you guys. I have some of the most amazing friends on the planet actually. The thing is, I have known pretty much all of my friends since elementary school. Don't get me wrong, my friends are insanely important to me, but the disadvantage to having friends since elementary school is you stay together but your interests start to differ. You continue to hang out with them because you are comfortable with them, and have pretty much known them your whole life. That is where I have trouble. I barely have any friends that really have a lot in common with me. The friends I have know really are troopers, and will try to do stuff with me that I love, but it just isn't the same. There really is a HUGE difference in hanging out with someone that actually likes what you are doing, and hanging out with someone who is doing something that you love because they love you. That is kind of my goal this school year. To make friends that I share interests with. Now if I only knew how to find these people!
Sorry if this has just been a ton of ranting. I tend to do that sometimes. I think it just has to do with the season. Fall is probably my favorite season of the year, but it is the time of year when I am most confused. It is the time of year when school and work is crazy, and there really isn't any free time. This is the time of the year where I try to think of new goals, and what I want out of life at the moment. So I apologize in advanced if I have more posts like this. This is my way of figuring things out. I write all my thoughts down in order to organize them, and find a solution to the problems I am having.
I think that is enough for now about things that are serious, and a little depressing. Haha I think it is time to talk about some things that are happy. Yeah, I am going to start talking about happy things now. My best friend and I are going to Europe next summer! Every time I talk about it, I get more excited! This will be my first time going to Europe EVER, so I guess you could say I am stoked out of my mind! We are going with this program called EF College Break. I had a couple of girls in my neighborhood that went with them last year, and they absolutely loved it! We are going on a twelve day trip to London, Paris, and Barcelona. Gah, I am so excited!
Speaking of being excited, I am also insanely excited for Halloween! Pretty sure that Halloween is my favorite holiday by far! I just love seeing how people dress up, and I love dressing up as well. This year has been kind of a lame Halloween season for me, but it is mostly because I  am just being lame. I didn't really take the time to put together an awesome costume, so it has been a little disappointing. I also haven't watched one scary movie! What is this?! Scary movies are some of my favorites! I did carve an awesome pumpkin though. I was very proud of that. I also had roasted pumpkin seeds for the first time. I am a huge fan of those. I know Halloween hasn't passed yet, so I am hoping I can find something absolutely fantastic to do on Halloween. If I end up sitting at home alone, I will consider myself a failure.
Just so you know, I am just writing about random thoughts that come to my head. For some reasons, boys is the next thing that came to mind. Uh oh. I have very strange taste when it comes to boys. Strange as in my friends avoid eye contact with me when I point out someone that is cute. Kind of like they didn't even hear me... I know you hear me you guys! The only one that sort of gets it is Bianca. Thanks B!
Anyways, here is what I tend to go for. Long hair. You guys, it is so bad. I think it is starting to become a problem. Let me play out a scenario for you. Before I start let me say that I swoon of any well- dressed guy. I guess you could say it is kind of a must. Take a look over here if you need some examples of what I mean when I say "well-dressed." Strangely, it always comes down to the shoes. If you are wearing the perfect clothes, but have bad shoes... it is just a no. I know that is awful, but for some reason I just can't stand it. The shoes tie it together. They don't have to be like super fancy shoes. Just good looking shoes. Skater boy vans are the exception. I don't know why. They just are.
So as for this scenario. Let's say there are two guys. One of the guys is probably the most attractive guys I have ever seen. Like his face was sculpted by angels or something like that. Just very attractive AND he is extremely well dressed. Good shoes and everything! He has nice, short, clean-cut hair, and a nice clean shaven face. Maybe a little bit of scruff. Sounds attractive right? Well, then there is this guy next to him with long curly hair, a t-shirt, jeans, and worn out vans. When I say long hair I mean at or almost at his shoulders. This guy has a cute face, but not as attractive as the guy whose face was sculpted by angels or something. Just a nice looking guy. He probably has a beard as well. Just kind of grungy looking. So here is how the scenario plays out. I don't even see the super well- dressed, angel sculpted face, clean cut guy. I choose the guy with the long curly hair every. single. time. Like without fail you guys! It is bad. Do you know how many guys have long curly hair? Not that many! It really limits things. Haha
To give you guys a better understanding, if I could draw a picture of my dream guy characteristic for characteristic, I would end up drawing a picture of Matthew Gray Gubler. The end.
Alright, I think that is enough for today. Thanks for letting me ramble. I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!

Yellow Light

Saturday, October 27, 2012

jacket/ h&m :: shirt sweater thing/ anthropologie :: jeans/ levis :: sneakers/ converse
So I am going to do outfit posts sometimes. Is that alright with you? Okay, good. I can't promise there will be a lot of these. I just do it when I feel like it, and that feeling doesn't come around that often. Just so you know.
It has been one of those weeks where my mind is going a million miles an hour. One of those weeks when you can't stop thinking of all the things you want to do, but you have no idea how you are going to do those things you want to do. Yeah, one of those weeks. For quite some time now I have been trying to figure out what I want to do next year. I am not really loving the University of Utah, and I feel like I need a change of pace and scenery. I am just becoming unmotivated. I feel like every day is a repeat of the last. I am ready for some change.

I am not really sure what I am going to do yet, but I am making baby steps. This week I am going to talk to an academic advisor AND the coordinator for the National Student Exchange. I am pretty excited about both. I want to make sure that they major I have chosen (Communication Science & Disorders) is what is going to be my best fit. I have also been thinking about Behavior Therapy. My mind is just a jumbled mess right now. All I know are the basics of what I want. That is pretty much as detailed as it goes. I am going to try and fill in the blanks this week.
I am really excited to meet with someone about the National Student Exchange. I originally wanted to do it this year, but by the time I found out about it, the application was due. Since then it has been constantly on my mind. I don't know if anything excites me more than moving to a city I have never been to, and just kind of having a fresh start for a year. It sounds refreshing. As of right now, I really want to go to Seattle. The University of Washington is one of the top schools in the country for my major, and I think it would be an amazing experience to go there. Unfortunately, it is one of the harder schools to get into in the program. I guess we will just have to see what ends up happening with that.
Until I figure things out, I am just trying to stay motivated, and continue to do things that inspire me. Hopefully I can get this College Street/Bike Style thing going. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
This week has been pretty random other than all of the craziness going on inside my brain. I had a math test, which was very eh. I hate math, and can't begin to explain how excited I am that I am currently taking the last math class I will ever have to be in. Yes! That is success in my book. Anyway, the math test actually wasn't that bad... which terrifies me. I don't know if there is anything scarier than feeling like you did alright on a math test. If history repeats itself, I am looking at disappointment in the math region in the near future. Oh well, what can you do? Math is NOT my thing. 
My friend RexAnn and I are planning a trip to Seattle this coming March. This will be my first time going to Seattle you guys! Her aunt and uncle live in downtown Seattle, so we will have a nice place to stay. Unfortunately, plane tickets are about a 1,123,345,453 dollars, so we are waiting anxiously for good priced tickets. The first day we looked at tickets they were only $189, but by the next day they were $286!! You can bet we were extremely upset about this. Darn you Southwest! Darn you! We are sure the tickets will do down eventually, so we just need to be patient.
Other than that my life has pretty much consisted of school, work, homework, and Criminal Minds. You guys, I am so addicted to this show! It is bad. I can't stop watching it! I don't even know why. Oh wait, maybe it is because I am freaking in love with Dr. Reid. I would rather not talk about it. Oh and my life has also consisted of having the biggest crush on someone who has no idea I exist. It is pretty great! Keeps life very entertaining. Oh man, I love my life! Haha
Like seriously, I love it. There is always something crazy happening, and I am always thoroughly entertained. What more could you want in your life? Nothing I tell you!
Well I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Please enjoy some photos I took after I was done photographing my clothing. Don't worry about it. Most attractive pictures of myself hands down!
(That last statement was false)

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College Bike Style: Hannah

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well, here it is! My first attempt of College Bike Style. Everyone, meet the lovely Hannah who so kindly was my first subject. Thanks Hannah!

Name: Hannah
Major: Computer Science
Bike: White Vilano Road Bike
Why do you ride?
"It is a ton of fun, and an easy way to get to school. It is also a fun thing to do with friends."

My Weekly Pinterest Roundup

Monday, October 22, 2012

I think it's time for another weekly pinterest roundup. Here are some of the things that have caught my eye this week.

what to wear

random things

boys take notes

Well there is that. All images can be found on my pinterest here.
So something I don't think I have mentioned about myself is that I regularly use public transportation. By regularly I mean every single day. I am too poor to drive to school everyday, so I take the bus to school. It is quite the treat. I always have very interesting experiences on the bus. It really is great. For those of you that take the bus, you know that there is always that one person that smells really REALLY bad. You never know where it is coming from either. You just hope that they get off at the next stop. Today, I had the pleasant experience of having a guy sit next to me that smell like the soup section of Whole Foods. I still don't really know how I feel about it.
Well that is that. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well, I finally saw it and it was absolutely AMAZING! I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with this one. Especially when I saw that Stephen Chbosky himself directed it. It is quite rare to find movies that follow so closely to the book, but I feel like this one really did. This was one of those movies where you leave the theater just wanting to go reread the book. I think that is exactly what I am going to do. I was just so impressed with this movie. The actors were absolutely phenomenal! Even though it is kind of a sad movie, I left the theater happy. As soon as I got outside I just wanted to blast some Grouplove and dance through the streets!
I love how inspired I get by movies, art, and music. I am grateful for having a mind that can be inspired by these things. I just want to do something. I have no idea what, but this movie has gotten the creative juices flowing. I am curious to see what my mind comes up with.
Go see this movie. If you have been wondering if you should see it or not, just go. It is a little different, but you won't be disappointed! I now leave you with some "Perks of Being a Wallflower" quotes. Enjoy!



 Seriously, go see it.

Something I Want: Beanie

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Now that it is starting to get colder, I am looking for anything and everything to bundle up and stay warm. I love layering, so the cooler weather is my friend. I have an embarrassing amount of socks and scarfs, but I have exactly one beanie... not ok.
Here is the deal. Do you see these pictures? There is something all these girls have in common... something I do not have.
Long hair.
I chopped off all my hair about a year ago, and since then it has been the biggest struggle to find a beanie that doesn't make me look like a boy! I don't know if I just don't know how to style it or what, but since I have chopped off my hair I haven't been able to wear one. You guys, my ears are stinking cold! The one beanie I have that is acceptable is all stretched out from when I had my long hair. It works, but has the most random colors and makes me look rather odd since it is all stretched out.
Here is the thing... I am not that girly. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some dresses, but you will most likely see me pair a skirt with one of my concert tees and a jean vest, than some frilly, sparkly, something shirt. I definitely had a phase were I was pretty girly, but I am kind of transitioning out of that right now. This is causing problems, because the beanies I tend to like are found in the boy section. This does not help the "trying to not look like a boy" thing. In order to not look like a man, I have to find something sparkly or overly girly. I just don't really know what to do. Winter is approaching, and I need something to cover my poor little head. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone with short hair have this same problem?
I think I am just going to have to get over the fact that I am going to look like a boy if I wear a beanie, and just embrace it! I can do that! I think...


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So this is what is currently happening in my life. I got this post idea from here. Of course there is the usually work and school. I have been back in school for two day, and I already feel like I need another break. I am bad at school. Haha Anyway...
WATCHING: I have been obsessed with Criminal Minds. I had never seen it until a few weeks ago when my lovely friends from work agreed that we should have a Criminal Minds marathon. I am not hooked. It is bad. I am embarrassed to say how many episodes I have watched since that little marathon. Or how many I watched in just one day (eight). Let's not talk about it. Moving on...
PLAYING: I still can't stop listening to Grouplove! Help me. It is taking over my life!
DREAMING: I really have been wanting to take a trip to Seattle. I have never been, and it is sad how many times I have talked about going. I think it's time to finally just do it. Now if only I could find people to join me. That would probably be good.
EATING: I have been trying to eat better. I kind of lost control a little bit. Haha But some of my favorites lately have been goldfish and carrot cake. Yeah...
WORKING ON: Getting brave enough to start my College Street Style posts. I still haven't started. I am not good at just walking up to people, and asking them for a favor. I am not good at talking to people period. I am also working on taking more pictures with an actual camera, and not just my phone. This is a challenge. Especially since I don't have my own camera...
Well that was fun! Until next time.
Happy Tuesday!
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Each Coming Night

Sunday, October 14, 2012

There seriously are just too many things to love about fall. It is just the perfect season. Plus, it is the season that Halloween takes place in, and I am pretty sure Halloween is my ALL TIME favorite holiday.
 One of my absolute favorite fall activities is carving pumpkins! So... that is what I did yesterday. Whoo! I got a call from Bianca asking if I would like to join her and a couple of her friends for the fall festivities of pumpkin carving. Of course I couldn't say no! So I hopped in my car and was off.
I knew immediately what I wanted to carve into my pumpkin. I feel like I should give you some background. I have a twitter. Yeah, I never thought that would happen, but an evil- doer (aka Bianca) convinced me to get one. All it took was showing all the insanely hilarious people on that thing. It sadly didn't take much. I am ashamed. Anyway, I follow Matthew Gray Gubler who just happens to post the most entertaining pictures of all time, and is quite hilarious. So it turns out he is kind of an artist. Who knew!? Mr. Gubler also enjoys Halloween, so he made his very own Gublerween t-shirt with his very own Gublerween design. Here it is.
Meet "Mr. Skeleton Head"
I kind of felt like I had no choice but to carve Mr. Skeleton Head in my pumpkin. One reason being I was one of the lucky people that actually purchased the limited edition Gublerween before they sold out... in less than a day. Yes, I do feel pretty cool! Anyway, here is my version of Mr. Skeleton Head!

Pretty awesome right?! I am pretty proud of it. It is just a little guy pumpkin, but it now sits proudly on my desk. I can see it right now. It is so cute. Even if I spilled candle wax all in the inside. Oops..
It was quite the fun night! It included roasting pumpkin seeds, eating pumpkin pie, and making new friends.
Have any of you done a post on your awesome pumpkin carvings?!?
Happy Sunday everyone.
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The amazing Gube shot was found here. Unfortunately, the awesome shirt is sold out, but he has some more awesome things in his shop. Check it out!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sorry for the break. Life has been a little crazy at the moment. You think I would have more time to blog since I have been on fall break, but that didn't happen. Not because I have been particularly busy. I just haven't felt like blogging. Instead, I have spent my time watching way to many episodes of Criminal Minds, discovering that Matthew Gray Gubler is the perfect human, finding an AMAZING mini series on youtube called The Beauty Inside, comforting friends, and listening to music. I wish I could say that I am ashamed, but I am not. Also, if you don't know who Matthew Gray Gubler is... first off, shame on you! Here he is.
Yup... he is the perfect human.
Anways, Bianca and I pretty much failed to complete anything on our fall break "to do" list. Yeah we pretty much suck. Oh well. We did get to go to Logan though! It was a much needed break. I just adore Logan to pieces, and always have a good time up there. I took some pictures in the car... Yeah I really just fail. Haha

Yes, I realize that is probably the ugliest picture of my friend and I on the planet, but I really don't even care. It was the only one I took of both of us, so that is what you get. Sorry Bianca. We know no one reads this anyway. Hahaha!
Happy Saturday!
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Things I Love: Fall

Monday, October 8, 2012

So when you think of fall most of you probably aren't picturing the above picture. I do. I guess I just have a really weird personality, and most of you are probably going to think I am a crazy person. One of my favorite things about fall is the sort of gloomy weather.
I don't know what it is about gloomy things, but for some reason they are my favorite. Let me explain. I am not depressed. Not even in the slightest. I am actually a very happy person. I just want to say that before I go into more detail. I tend to like sadder weather, music, movies, etc. I have tried to figure out why this is, and this is what I have come up with. There is something about the gloomier things that makes me think. I have my most inspirational and creative thoughts when it's rainy outside. A movie that is sad, or doesn't have a happy ending makes me think. I don't know why, but these things make me think.
I would rather watch a movie like Like Crazy than How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days because Like Crazy makes me think. A movie doesn't always have to have a happy ending to be good. I like these movies, because they are more relatable to me. These movies are like real life. Sometimes it isn't always a happy ending, and I like knowing that that is ok. The same goes for things like books and music.
I know this is all kind of a random jumble of things, but I thought I would share. I love these types of things. I am constantly pushing myself to think about new things, and think outside my comfort zone. These things are what do that for me. So I know I am a big weirdo, but that's just how it happened I guess. I think I have decided to share this with you, because I hope to share with you some of my favorite movies and books on here. Just be prepared for things that make you think, and don't always have a happy ending.
Well I guess that is enough about that for now. Do any of you like gloomier things? It would be kind of nice to know that I am not the only one. So here is to being inspired rather than feeling depressed on the sad things life has to offer.
I get to go to Logan today, so I am super pumped! I really just love Logan. I am also bringing my bike up, so I am even more stoked! I don't know why, but I have a strange feeling about this trip. Not a bad feeling, just a strange one. I feel like I will be coming back with a story. Stay tuned.
Happy Monday everyone!
Photo found here

Life Lately

Sunday, October 7, 2012

 I know this might not be that exciting for everyone else, but I fixed my record player all by myself! Tools were involved people. I had to take the thing a part, and when I finished it actually worked. Let's just say I am pretty proud.
The current state of all my Toms...yeah.
 This is what I do at work. Pretty much, I have the best job EVER!
 This is what one of my kids wore for his school pictures. Yes, his shirt is on backwards. He never seizes to amaze us. He is freaking awesome!
 Pumpkin pie! It's officially Fall.
 Bad photo, but apparently this is all you need to get a football off the top of a vent. Haha
 Dad fishing.
 Perfect place to be spending a Sunday.
Had some fun with this guy!
Happy Sunday everyone! These are just some pictures I have taken throughout the week. I went fishing with my dad and Papa today. I absolutely loved it! It was insanely freezing, but there is something about just being up in the mountains, and enjoying some fresh air. I didn't actually fish. I don't have a license or a pole, but I am thinking about taking it up. It is so relaxing. A lot of people get bored of it very easily, but I was so content just sitting there and listening to the water hit the rocks. I just love having the opportunity to be up in the mountains. I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my Sunday, even if I couldn't feel my hands and toes. I might have also been wearing three jackets. Maybe, maybe not.
So I guess I should just throw this out there, because I know that it will come up sooner or later. I am LDS. If you would like more information on what that is you may visit here.  My religion is a big part of who I am, and it is very near and dear to my heart. I know some people get uncomfortable reading about other people's religious views, so I will do my best to warn you when I am going to say something religious. Just know that it is a big part of my life, so I will most likely be talking about it every once in a while.
Anyways, I feel like my life was kind of turned upside down recently. Just yesterday the church announced some pretty big changes that have really changed everything for me. I don't really want to go into detail about it right now, because I am still trying to figure things out. I just want to say that I will probably be talking through a lot of my feelings on here, because I am trying to figure out what my next step in life should be. I really am starting to re think a lot of things, and trying to plan for the future. I am scared out of my mind, but I am excited to see where life takes me. Wish me luck!

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My Weekly Pinterest Roundup

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Like many women in today's world, I kind of am in love with Pinterest. It is just one of the most entertaining sites ever, and I could spend an unmentionable amount of time on there. Because I am constantly pinning I have decided to give you a weekly pinterest roundup of some of my favorite things I have pinned this week! Enjoy.
1. Of course this picture is a must!
2. I absolutely adore this photo of Zooey and Joseph. LOVE them.
3. This bicycle tee is killing me. I must have it.
5. I don't know what it is about this photo that just mesmerizes me. I just love it.
6. This hot chocolate is going to be a MUST this winter.
7. Not my dream bike, but still very classy. It is made by this company called Bertelli. Check them out!
8. How adorable are these! I want to make these with the kids at work!
12. I need her hair. Like right now!
So there you have it. Yay for Pinterest! If you like what you see, follow me here. Bianca, aka the only person I really hang out with that actually lives close to me, is on a little vacation for the weekend, so I am having a Criminal Minds marathon with the girls from work! Whoo! I have never seen it, but I freaking love Matthew Gray Gubler, so I think I will probably enjoy it. I love the two girls I work with. You will probably hear about them a lot more. It is kind of crazy, but they really have become some of my closest friends. We work at an After School Program which is pretty much the funnest job of all time. All three of us combined have pretty crazy lives (Paige takes the cake on this one), so every day at work is a new adventure filled with new stories, laughing, crying, and being there for one another. I don't know what I would do without these girls. Love you Paige and RexAnn!
I also get to go fishing with my dad and grandpa tomorrow which I am way stoked about. I can't wait to enjoy some piece and quiet. It will be nice to just sit back, read a book, take some pictures, hang with my dad and grandpa, and enjoy nature. I couldn't think of a more perfect Sunday.
I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday! Don't get into to much trouble ;)

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