Friday, February 1, 2013

Can you even believe that it is already February?? It is kind of blowing my mind. When the heck did that happen?!

This is an outfit I wore out last weekend to go to that surprisingly fun dance party. I didn't know it was a dance party until I got there. If I would have known a sweater wouldn't have been my first choice. It is weird looking at these photos. I have hair! Strange.
 vest/ F21 :: sweater & skirt/ H&M :: boots/ Charlotte Russe
Yes, I do have to always pull weird faces. It is becoming a problem. It is getting harder and harder to just smile in pictures, so I should probably stop. Eh...

I actually really enjoyed this outfit. I have had this crop sweater for about a year, and last Friday was the first time I have ever worn it.. oops. I never could find anything to pair it with, but I love the contrast of patterns so this was a win. I think I will make it into a good layering piece. Crop sweaters= difficult.

I am so excited for this weekend! I get to hang out with some of my best friends, and I am going to an actual concert tomorrow! Whoo! This will be like my 1284 North Valley concert, but I don't see a problem with that. They are good, ok! I still can't decide if I want to bring my camera or not. I guess it will just depend on the weather.
So I wanted to share a couple photos with you. I took these yesterday in my photography class. So basically our assingments for photography or just experimenting, and figuring out why certain functions do certain things. We usually take pictures of random objects a billion different ways so we can see the differences with just the slightest changes. These are a couple of those photos. It is just my pencil, but I kind of like how they turned out. Strange, I know. Just go with it.
Everyone meet my writing utensil of choice. I got this bad boy for Christmas and it is kind of my favorite thing. You can get them at Urban Outfitters of course.

Well I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend! Anyone watching the Superbowl? My family just happen to be 49ers fans, so this will be a fun Superbowl. I am mostly just looking forward to the food. Yeah.. Happy Friday!

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