Orla Kiely Spring/Summer 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

So I am definitely not one to look at fashion lookbooks/collections or whatever the heck you call them, but when it comes to Orla Kiely I swoon. This is the only designer I have ever found that I actually look at the outfits put together and say to myself, "I would so wear that." To like all of it you guys! 

Maybe I just need to do more exploring when it comes to stuff like this. I love clothes. I believe that clothes are the one thing that you can use to express to the world who you are without having to say a word. I have just never been interested in investing my time into lookbooks or runway shows. There is just something about a short film though. I have kind of been obsessed with them lately. I have watched Free People's Roshambo video like 100 times. It is embarrassing. 

I just love this little film they put together for the spring/summer 2013 Orla Kiely collection. It is so retro and vintage. Of course, anything that shows the sun practically has me crying from excitement. It is a rare sight where I live lately. This short film has me yearning to be a part of that time, and makes me want every single article of clothing it offers. It was just so well done, and I am a fan.

How do you guys feel about stuff like this? Anyone have any good suggestions of either cool short films or lookbooks?


  1. ahh, i love love looking at lookbooks. this one is gorgeous! AND IT HAS A RECORD PLAYER. nothin' better.

    1. right?? i think what makes me love it even more is the fact that it reminds me of Mad Men. and i feel like i need to get more into lookbooks. these ones had me intrigued. any suggestions?


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