College Street Style: Kristie

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Name: Kristie
Major: English
What is your favorite thing to wear? 
"I have probably ten different white v-neck tees, so I'm going to have to go with that. They are a great base for any number of looks for me."
Who or what inspires your style?  
"Probably Moorea Seal.  She has such a great casual/comfortable/quirky thing going on."

I had a lot of fun shooting and talking to Kristie. You want to know why? Because she is a fellow blogger! Whoo! Go check out her blog The Resolution. You won't be sorry.

Kristie is actually in my digital photography class. I was stressing out about getting pictures for this post when Kristie walked in with the most amazing bag on the planet! Not only does it function as a day-to-day bag, but it is also a camera bag! Let's just say I had a little freak out when this information was expressed to me. I will take two please. 

This weekend isn't exactly going as planned, but I am choosing to stay positive and just go with it. I am welcoming the changes. Last night I got to have a much needed dinner and drive with my mama. Sometimes a good talk with your mom is all you need. I know it made me feel a lot better! To make it even better we might have splurged on some frozen yogurt. If a talk with your mom can't cure your worries, frozen yogurt sure can. 

So here is to hoping that today is a better day. I already know it will be. I get to go to a concert tonight!! Remember to take a breather every once in a while. I know we all get caught up in the stress of the moment. Sometimes all we need is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the little things. I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday, and that everyone stuffs themselves tomorrow with delicious food! Superbowl anyone?


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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