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Monday, November 19, 2012

Whoo! It is Monday, which means it is time for another Music Monday post. Now I promised you that I wouldn't choose any more Grouplove or The North Valley songs for a while, so here is to keeping that promise.
This week I am giving Of Monsters and Men a little love, because they are also a favorite of mine. I honestly can't remember the first time I heard them. All I know is that it was sometime this past summer, and they instantly stole my heart. So here is my favorite Of Monsters and Men song at the moment.
"From Finner" by Of Monsters and Men
Remember how I said I was obsessed with names like Finley and Finner recently. Well I blame this song. I just think the collaboration of every one's voices in this band are phenomenal. I just can't stop listening to them. They are the band on your ipod that no matter what you can't skip their songs when they come up on shuffle. They are just awesome. I was actually thinking of driving to Colorado with one of my friends to see them play. They are THAT good. At least I think so. I hope you enjoy.
For each song I choose, I am going to try and find a GOOD live version of the song. I just always find a deeper respect for artists when they sound just as good live as they do on a recording.
Yesterday I promised pictures, so here are some photos of my life lately via Instagram. Enjoy!
  1. Letter from one of my kids at work. This is why I love my job!
  2. We had Kim's Cold-blooded Creatures come and give a presentation at work last week. After she is done giving the presentation she lets all the kids (and adults) hold all the animals. No worries, the snake was only like FORTY pounds. No big deal.
  3. Cutest little tree frog on the planet!
  4. The North Valley... duh
  5. STOKED out of my mind for my new concert tee!
  6. Mr. Skeleton Head. This is my lucky shirt. I wore it to the concert on Friday. One of the bands had black lights throughout their set. Lets just say my shirt was unreal!
  7. Richins siblings going to church. Yeah, I know what you are thinking! We are one attractive bunch. 
Have a marvelous Monday!

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