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Monday, November 12, 2012

I did this on my other blog, so I have decided to bring it back and try it out here. As you know from my last post, music is something that is really important to me. So each week I will pick my favorite song of the moment, and tell you why I love that song. Sound good?
To start things off, I figured it would be good to pick a song from one of my favorite bands. Yes, it is a Grouplove song. The song is "Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten."
To be honest, I am still trying to figure out why I like this song so much. I mean, there is howling at the beginning...howling! And I absolutely love it. I think the thing I love about Grouplove is they always start rocking out at the perfect moment. They usually start things out nice and slow, and then out of nowhere BOOM! I think that might be why seeing them live was one of the funnest experiences I have ever had. Everyone is enjoying the music, and then it just gets crazy! It isn't like death metal crazy though. People aren't punching each other in the face, or freaking out on each other. Nothing like that. Grouplove's music is very upbeat, and just happy. I don't know. They are just awesome. I think they are genius. It probably helps that I have a crush on Christian Zucconi... and an even bigger crush on Hannah Hooper.
Just give them a listen. I will try to give you something besides Grouplove or The North Valley next week. I just couldn't help myself! It was the first post. Might as well be an absolute favorite on all levels!

I guess I should say a little bit more about the rest of my weekend. Unfortunately, nothing exciting happened after the concert on Friday. On Saturday I was planning on going to the Battle of the Bands at Muse Music Cafe to see Eli Whitney play, but I am poor and didn't have enough gas to drive to Provo. Instead, I sat at home and watched Criminal Minds. I was actually completely happy about this. I watched a very intense episode! I also figured out that if you are watching Criminal Minds and something INSANE happens at the end of an episode, you HAVE to go get ice cream in order to watch the next episode. You seriously just have to. So that is exactly what I did! It was fantastic.

That is pretty much all I did. Besides that, I am just enjoying the awkward situations I seem to create for myself on a daily basis. I seriously just have to laugh at the things that happen to me sometimes. Example for today... accidentally adding someone who you have never met on Facebook. Then finding out that out of everyone you could have accidentally added, you added someone that is playing at the concert you are going to this weekend. I honestly don't even know how these things happened to me, but I am just rolling with it!
Have a fabulous Monday!

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