College Street Style: Jenna

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I have noticed that just by the two sets of pictures I have taken for this post, you can see just how bipolar Utah's weather is. I honestly just don't understand. Anyways, everyone meet the lovely Jenna.
Name: Jenna
Major: Environmental Studies and Political Science
What do you like to wear?
"I like to wear contrasting colors, leggings, and flannels. All at the same time is preferred. And flats! I am not a big fan of boots."
I don't know about you, but I pretty much just died over this outfit. So fantastic. I love the pop of color the scarf gives. Plus, her hair is absolutely fantastic! This outfit just makes me happy. Thanks Jenna!
For the first time in three weeks, I am not planning on attending any concerts. It is kind of sad. I feel like it has become a weekend tradition. There are some concerts that I really want to go to this weekend (aka Desert Noises and Joe Brooks), but I just do not have the money OR the gas to attend them. It is quite sad. I don't really know what to do with myself. I am looking forward to having a nice break from school and work this week. I am just planning on hanging out at home, and spending time with my family. I figure I need to just sit and relax as much as I can before finals come up. They are just around the corner, and I am already stressing. I seriously just hate tests. Hopefully I can get through it.
The only class I am really worried about is my solar systems class. I swear this class is impossible! I just don't understand it at all. It needs to be done. Bianca and I both need to find smart people in the class, and make them teach us the ways of the universe. We just don't get it, and it sucks.
I guess I am also worried about math, but I feel like I don't have to bring up that one. Of course I am worried about math! I freaking hate math, and don't know how I have made it this far without just falling over on the sidewalk and crying. Anyone good at math? I could use all the help I could get.
Well I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday, and has exciting plans for Thanksgiving!


I appreciate your loveliest of lovely comments! :)

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