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Sunday, November 18, 2012


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Well there is that. These are the things that inspired me this week. I find it crazy that just a photo can inspire you to either create something, or do something amazing. I think that is the only reason I continue to use Pinterest. I find so much inspiration on there. It is quite lovely.
I had one of the best weekends I have had in a really long time this past weekend. Everything really was just perfect. It isn't like anything extremely spectacular happened. It was just a good weekend, and nothing went wrong.
I was kind of nervous about this weekend mainly because of things that had happened earlier in the week, and because of possibly outcomes I knew could happen. I was kind of stressing out about it the whole week. I knew it wasn't something that I should stress about, so throughout the week I decided that I wasn't going to be upset with anything that happened. I wasn't going to expect anything, and I wasn't going to be upset if things didn't go my way. I know that is why I had such an amazing weekend. I just decided to stay postive no matter what, and because of that everything was great!
On Friday I drove down to Provo to go to a concert at Muse Music Cafe. I was super excited because a) I got to see one of my best friends that I haven't seen in forever, and b) I was going to see The North Valley play again (have I mentioned how awesome they are?). From the start I knew it was going to be an amazing night. Remember earlier in the week when I said I accidently added some random guy on Facebook? Yeah, well he played at this concert.... you guys, he is incredible! I seriously was just blown away with how good he was. I am definitely a fan, and plan on going to more shows. He is quite the performer. You can look up his fantastic music here. You can also look him up (Officer Jenny) on Facebook. I would highly recommend this.
Next up was Tighty Willis... I can't even describe them. They were also fantastic! The energy these guys had was unreal. They really just set the best mood, and the entire audience was just going crazy and having fun. They have very good music to dance to. I think that is half of why it was so great. Everyone was just dancing, and having an incredible time. It really was just unreal.
Last but definitely not least was The North Valley. This was seriously BY FAR the best show I had seen them play. Everyone was just dancing and singing along. It really makes a difference when you know the words to the songs that people are playing. It makes it a million times more enjoyable. They really are just so awesome you guys. Seeing them play once again was the perfect end of a fantastic night. I actually got one of their shirts this time! Whoo!
I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend. I definitely have. I will have pictures tomorrow! Yay!


  1. oh hey shelby, you're awesome. I want to follow you on pinterest. Love your style. similar to mine!

    1. Oh my you are too kind! Thank you! I will have to check out your pinterest as well if you think we have similar style!


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