Life Lately: Halloween Edition

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So apparently it has been forever and a day since I have posted about my life lately. Oops. Moving on. I don't know if I have told you all this, but I LOVE HALLOWEEN. Like seriously, it is my favorite holiday out of all of the holidays. I love dressing up. I love candy. I love scary movies. I love haunted houses. I love all things spooky. I just love Halloween! Yeah.
So I pretty much just was in love with my costume. It all came together very last minute aka the day before Halloween. I had been planning on spending Halloween with Bianca, and some of her friends. For some reason it didn't dawn on me that I needed to dress up until she was asking me what I was going to dress up as... the day before. I went into a little bit of a panic (not really). It was then that inspiration struck me. I just knew it was perfect. I would be the most amazingly perfect human specimen to walk the earth. His name (yes, his) is....
Dr. Spencer Reid
(aka Matthew Gray Gubler, aka the perfect human)
I said it out loud, and from that point I was committed. After school I went straight to Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Did I get weird looks for shopping in the men's section? You know I did! Except for in Urban. They didn't give me weird looks there. Anyways, I searched the racks for sweater vests, sweaters, earth tones, checkered button ups, and of course the famous Reid half-frame wayfarer glasses. I constantly was sending pics to my girls Paige and Rexann making sure that everything I chose was "Reid" enough. After getting the ok from them I bought my items, and headed out of those stores with success in my hands. I seriously scored some awesome finds you guys! Especially the glasses that were actually sunglasses at first. I had to have the guy at Urban take the lenses out for me, because I knew I would break them. It is a good thing I did! He ended up having to go into the back room and use a tool to get one of them out!
Anyways, I was extremely psyched to be Reid. It was quite the process you guys. It involved four pairs of pants, three different hairstyles, five different shirts, a "how to tie a tie" YouTube video, and purple eyeshadow for the Gubler eyes. After all of this I would like to say I came out victorious!

Other than my AWESOME costume, my Halloween consisted of too much candy, donuts, queso dip, friends, car rides, Criminal Minds, High School Musical China (which I would go as far as to say it could be classified as a horror movie), and handing out candy to one little cute watermelon. Soo I would have to say Halloween was a success.
Other than Halloween, life has been pretty normal. School is still kicking my butt, and work is work. I am extremely excited for next semester of school though. I am taking a digital photography class! Finally I will know how to ACTUALLY edit photos. None of this faking it business. I also have no clue how to use a digital camera, so that might be nice as well. I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween. Any fun costumes?
Here are the rest of my Instagram photos of things that have been happening lately. They go back to like two weeks ago. Oops.
 Long story short. One of my dogs bit this dog in the butt. It resulted in poor Bentley having to wear my little brother's underwear.
 Officially decided to go back to wearing converse.
 Switchfoot! This was a teenage dream fulfilled.
 I was so excited to go see "Perks of Being a Wallflower" that I took this picture.
 My Gublerland package!! And my awesome new stickers that are so proudly being displayed on my laptop.
 Happy Gublerween! And a nice note from the head Gube himself.
 Poor Bentley and his butt injury :(
My Reid glasses that I can't seem to stop wearing. Even though they have no lenses..
Well there you have it. That right there is what has been happening in my life lately. Pretty crazy stuff right?! Yeah, not too much happens on a day to day basis in the life of Shelby. Just A LOT of awkward moments. Nothing wrong with that right? What I am looking forward to at the moment is the fact that it's No Shave November. Oh yeah, baby! Campus is about to get a lot more enjoyable. Haha I don't know what it is about a man with a beard. It is just a good thing. Oh, and I am going to see The North Valley with some friends tomorrow night! So stoked!!! Check them out here. I kind of love them at the moment, so I am very happy that they are playing in SLC. Whoo!
Hope everyone has had a fantastic Thursday!
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